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Bigwinboard.com was founded by slot enthusiasts in 2017 and has since grown substantially, becoming the most influential iGaming news site in the casino industry and visited by tens of thousands monthly visitors – both players and industry representatives. The success can be attributed to a few key factors that are unique to the site and which have earned us status as a trustworthy, unbiased and reputable news site.

Unlike the endless number of generic casino affiliate sites out there, we are not prepared to list any casino on our site or write game reviews solely to entice you to gamble. Instead, we purposely keep distance to the industry in order to maintain our objectiveness – to date, we have not attended or been represented at a single casino conference! Our readers have learned to understand this and now value the reviews and articles we write for benefit of the players. Games and developers will be scrutinized, and if a slot is bad, we will say so. Providers that in any way try to control or influence the information published will be called out.

With that said, most game developers know that our credibility is high and they also know that being featured and reviewed on our site, however bad the score, means they have earned a level of recognition and trust. Game developers who have nothing to hide or worry about are ok with us scrutinizing them and their games. We give credit when credit’s due and we always try our best to give constructive feedback in our reviews.

Though far from all providers not featured on our site are bad, we advice our readers to take precaution when playing games from such providers. Unfortunately, there are game providers that want to be in control of what is being said about their games and who have made the choice to work only with certain affiliates that rub their backs. This is of course for no one’s benefit other than the parties involved in the business agreement. We are affiliates as well, which is a must in order to be able to run this site full time, but we strongly believe there are good and responsible ways to conduct business.

What also makes us unique and that has earned us a good reputation is the fact that we are independent, meaning we are not owned or run by any casino or other large corporations in the casino industry. Furthermore, we do not under any circumstances promote unlicensed or rogue casinos that we know to be predatory. All our casinos must be either UKGC, SGA or MGA licensed to begin with and live up to an extensive list of requirements. Unfortunately, the casino industry is littered with bad casinos, bad affiliates, and bad game providers, and we try our best to bring awareness, help players avoid the pitfalls and do our best to help improve this industry in general.

If you are looking for unbiased game reviews, a place where bad casinos are tossed in the trash bin, and where you can find good quality news articles written by true enthusiasts and not hired content writers, then you have come to the right place. If you believe in our philosophy and in what we do, please help spread the word about us. Together our voice is strong!