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There are high volatile slots and then there are HIGH volatile slots. Big Time Gaming knows the concept better than anyone else.

High volatility slots are in high demand. It wasn’t always like that though but it seems like a natural progress. Everything needs to get bigger and better as we look for greater kicks. It’s pretty much the same with the big lotteries where the jackpots have grown to insane levels.

Who wants to throw pearls at the pigs playing Starburst with a max win of 500x when you can play games with at least 30 times more potential. Sure, it’s not easy getting those insane wins on high volatile slots, but it’s only natural that we want to try when we see wins like that. And really, how often don’t you end up with a zero balance playing low to medium volatile slots anyway?

It’s getting more and more obvious that Big Time Gaming in particular have become the kings of the high volatile genre. The more they have managed to establish themselves and the more people are playing their games, the more we are likely to see their games push the boundaries in terms of wins we have never seen before.

Just recently we got to witness two examples of this. The first one might not be that remarkable speaking of bet size in relation to win as it’s “only” around the 4000x area, something we see Dead or Alive spit out every so often. But what makes this interesting is that it happened live on stream and the win itself also show the insane potential of this game.

The British streamer Nickslots was having a go on Queen of Riches doing 5£ bets when all of the sudden this happened…

As amazing that is, doing 5£ spins on such a high volatile slot is not something most of us can do regularly. This other win however may be more relatable in terms of bet size to some. What’s really crazy about it though is the multiplier win reach over 13,000 times the bet!

The screenshot was posted on a forum by the user “Svinvild”.

The game is called Danger High Voltage and the player won approximately 6500€ on a 0.50€ bet! Truly remarkable.

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