Bison Wilds DoubleMax

(Reflex Gaming) Slot Review

Bison Wilds DoubleMax slot
Bison Wilds DoubleMax slot – base game

Bison Wilds DoubleMax: Slot Overview

Players, bison are back. Then again, maybe they never left, like an odour emanating from the refrigerator you can’t find the source of, bison linger in the online gambling arena. In this instance, we’ve got Yggdrasil Gaming partner Reflex Gaming providing the opportunity to once again ride forth in nature to encounter these enormous beasts of the plains. We do so in the company of Yggdrasil’s DoubleMax mechanic, a multiplier that doubles in value on each winning cascade, which has been used to devastating effect in the past, now enhanced by the rumbling of a stampeding herd?

Not to be that guy, but there weren’t huge enhancements happening in Bison Wilds DoubleMax, which, true to Reflex Gaming form, looks like it was designed a few years too late. ‘Gah’ is a pretty typical reaction to a Reflex Gaming slot, as the studio insists on making games that are an acquired taste optically. Explosions rock the reels when winning symbols are removed, grass and sunlight can be seen in the background, but if you want a bison slot that mentally transports you into the majesty of nature to enjoy magnificent solitude, it might be hard to pretend to do so if using Bison Wilds DoubleMax to anchor your imagination. The music is quite spirited, though.

If your eyes can bear at it, Bison Wilds DoubleMax drops 15 symbols onto a 5×3 gaming grid, creating combinations along its 20 paylines. The RTP is nothing special, as the largest return figure comes in at 94%, with a lower 90.5% model also available. Reflex Gaming has classed the volatility as ‘super-high’, which could work well with the way DoubleMax functions, while bet options are 20 c to $/€100 – or switching the Golden Bet increases the stake by 25%, doubling the chance of triggering free spins.

As for its list of pay symbols, Bison Wilds DoubleMax lands clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds, eagles, wolves, cougars, and horses on the reels. Landing lines of 5 matching card suits pay 1x the bet, going up to 2x-5x for winning lines of 5 matching animal symbols. Helping to link symbols into wins, wilds substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Bison Wilds DoubleMax: Slot Features

Bison Wilds DoubleMax slot
Bison Wilds DoubleMax slot – free spins gamble

Any win in Bison Wilds DoubleMax triggers the Pop and Drop cascade feature. All symbols in the win pop from the reels, firstly. One or more wild symbols are then placed in the gaps, followed by a symbol drop to fill the rest of the empty spaces. Four different wild symbols may appear:

  • Standard Wilds.
  • Super Wilds, which fill all empty spaces on a reel.
  • Boost Wilds, which increases the multiplier trail by a random amount.
  • EachWay Wilds, which pays from both right to left and left to right when involved in a win.


For every cascade, the win multiplier doubles in value up to a maximum of x65,536. It starts at x1 for the initial win, while subsequent wins get the higher values. In the base game the multiplier resets to x1 for the next spin.

Free Spins

Also, in the base game, getting 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols on the reels awards 7, 10, or 13 free spins, respectively. Free spins benefit from the win multiplier not resetting until the feature comes to an end. It is not possible to retrigger free spins, but 7 free spins may be bought from the base game for 100 times the bet.

Free Spins Gamble

If the free spins round is triggered by 3 or 4 scatters, players have the choice of collecting their spins or gambling for more. Unsuccessful gambles lose all free spins. Successful gambles move players up a level from 7 to 10 or 10 to 13 free spins. Players can gamble once with a 4-scatter trigger or up to twice with a 3-scatter trigger.

Bison Wilds DoubleMax slot
Bison Wilds DoubleMax slot – free spins

Bison Wilds DoubleMax: Slot Verdict

Old-fashioned eyesores are what Reflex Gaming has built its reputation on producing, and Bison Wilds DoubleMax is another for the books. Someone, somewhere, is playing this stuff; otherwise, why would a studio like Yggdrasil provide backing? The question is, what would induce a gambler to risk their pennies on a game like Bison Wilds DoubleMax when there are so many other better-produced games to choose from? Maybe we shouldn’t be too judgemental. Gamblers who like their games old-fashioned get another one from Reflex to scratch the itch.

Bison Wilds DoubleMax does have relatively modern features, even if most of the extras here are regular DoubleMax add-ons. It appears Reflex Gaming has joined the race to the bottom in terms of RTP, as well, as the 94% value mirrors what a few slot makers are doing these days, ELK Studios, for example. However, ELK kinda gets away with it, kinda, by making exquisite-looking slots with scandalously good gameplay which manages to sink its hooks in deep. Reflex Gaming slots, in general, don’t really do that. Bison Wilds DoubleMax certainly doesn’t, being about as mid as it gets in terms of both appearance and features – since, for the most part, Bison Wilds DoubleMax runs like any other standard DoubleMax game, mechanically. A possible exception is the different wilds appearing during cascades. Fair dues, if that’s of interest, plus the 19,997x the bet top win is on the high side, as well.

So, the wild stuff might trigger a modicum of intrigue, but outside of that, there really is little reason to choose Bison Wilds DoubleMax over most of the other DoubleMax slots or around 327 other bison slots. It looks average, feels dated, has a weak RTP value compared to loads of its brethren, and there is precious little pushing Bison Wilds DoubleMax above gah status.


Any redeeming qualities Bison Wilds DoubleMax might have had appear to have been trampled into the dust beneath a stampede of hooves.

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