Bushido Ways xNudge Hits the 30,000x Win Cap on 2nd Day of Release

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Well, it didn’t take long players, once again, we’ve got a Nolimit City game blowing up on screen for all the right reasons. On just its second day of release, samurai-themed slot Bushido Ways xNudge has popped its max win cherry in an absolute wild fest of a clip. As Nolimit City puts it in the game blurb, only the ‘most honourable and fearless Bushido warriors get to experience The Journey’s End’, which like San Quentin xWays‘ Psycho Manhunt, is only triggered when reaching the maximum payout of the game.

Played on Rizk Casino, it’s not clear from the clip whether free spins were awarded naturally or came off the back of a bought bonus. However triggered, the action starts when 3 scatter symbols land in conjunction with the Geisha Wild, which only appears on the middle reel. When landing partially in view, the Geisha Wild is nudged, and each position it moves increases a multiplier by +1 while also adding +1 free spins. Geisha Wilds remain locked in position for the full duration of the round. In this case, the full x4 multiplier is scored, as well as 12 free spins. For the record, since Geisha Spins are the more potent of the two due to the sticky wild multiplier, buying them costs 700x the total bet.

Now, we’ve seen some crazy footage of San Quentin xWays and Fire in the Hole xBomb recently, but those tended to slow boil before picking up steam from the middle of the bonus round onwards. Not so this clip of Bushido Ways xNudge, which goes insta-ballistic from the very first spin. Having almost full premiums on reels 1, 2, and 4 help, but the real kicker is the sliced wilds on the fifth reel. Three wilds initially land before being sliced into 12 for the win evaluation. During the €4,492 count up, the game runs through its various samurai-related scenes depicting honour, respect, tribute, glory, fear, and finally… revenge.

The round is certainly no one-hit-wonder either, with solid results on most spins, though few as impressive as the first. There is one exception – the final spin of the round is a doozy as well. This time it’s the red samurai top premium landing on reels 1 and 4, with the full 16 sliced wilds on the fifth reel dicing. In other words, there was more than enough to crash headlong into the win cap and trigger the Journey’s End. It’s a touching end of battle scene, though magnitudes of order more cheerful since you’ve pocketed 30,000 times the base bet if you get to see it.

If there’s one studio that has seriously stepped it up this year, it’s Nolimit City. Many talk up a big game, but after what we’ve seen from the likes of Fire in the Hole xBomb, San Quentin xWays, and now Bushido Ways xNudge, the studio continually reinforces their reputation for being best in class when it comes to designing innovative, big volatile, big win games.

Stay tuned for upcoming Nolimit City release El Paso Gunfight xNudge which is due for release on May 4, 2021!

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