Casino Streamers – Battle of the Viewers is Becoming Fierce on Twitch

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With the use of Casino Streamers, online casinos have found new marketing strategies to reach out to the public without pumping millions into radio and tv commercials.

It’s not quite clear who was first on the ball, but one name that consistently comes up when talking about the first casino streamers is CasinoTwitcher. This Norwegian gambler started streaming back in July of 2015, backed by Casumo, a casino that was early to see the potential of the casino streamers. In fact, Casumo initially allowed quite a few casino streamers to promote them with the help of their streaming bonuses and became known as real money streaming pioneers, refusing casino streamers to play with fake money, something that was to become, and still is a problem on Twitch.

To stream for Casumo basically became synonymous with being a legit casino streamer. You simply didn’t see their casino streamers do €10 bets day in and day out. It was more relatable.

The success of CasinoTwitcher naturally attracted attention amongst other affiliates and new channels started appearing one after another. Some as affiliates looking to make a quick buck, other’s just enthusiasts who enjoyed the combination of streaming and playing slots. Casino streaming is still a relatively new phenomenon and has likely not had what could be considered a major breakthrough yet, even though at least one incident was brought up in mainstream media.

CasinoTwitcher during one of his live streams

Competition Between Casino Streamers

Today the competition for viewers is fierce and the casino section on Twitch is basically dominated by a handful of casino streamers with quite a gap down to the rest of the bunch. But still, not even the biggest casino streamers are anywhere near the number of viewers many streamers enjoy in the other gaming sections on Twitch, where the view count can reach up to 30k. The largest casino channels average around 800-1000 viewers per stream, not counting the obvious view botting Russian streams.

Casino streaming has, probably to no one’s surprise, become more business orientated than it was in the past, and there are even examples of rings of streamers working together in what appears to be an attempt to strengthen their channels in the competition against other casino streamers. Another major subject within the community is the suspicion of foul play and streamers playing with fake money. While some viewers don’t seem too bothered and claim to be there for the free entertainment, other’s object strongly, considering it to be comparable to fraud. This is also something that divides the streamers themselves with one side considering themselves to represent the legit group of streamers rivaling against the divided rest.

It’s been mainly streamers representing Multilotto who have been the subject of most accusations of fake money streaming, which seems to originate from the fact that while these streamers were betting excessive amounts day in and day out, on what was considered second grade casinos, the rest were doing more relatable bets. Even high rated casinos such as LeoVegas and Dunder have been suspected of using such methods in the past but it appears they have since re-established their reputation on Twitch.

Streamer Blackcatseven celebrating a 4 reel wild desire live on stream

The truth is however that we will never know of the individual deals negotiated between casinos and the casino streamers, and it’s likely that the lack of transparency arouses suspicion against an industry already very much distrusted by many. But it’s also true that anyone can get started as an affiliate, and how you choose to promote the casinos is pretty much up to you. If it was easy everyone would do it and the fact of the matter is that many streamers have had to give up. The deals the big streamers have are likely more complex. Either way, these are private matters and not something any part involved will ever want to discuss as it would also violate the terms of most affiliate agreements.

It’s not entirely clear if casino streaming is of any greater financial benefit for the casinos, but it seems to be a relatively low cost and efficient way to be seen. After all, “Brand Awareness” is an important factor in this business.

So while the casino streaming community keeps growing, many also feel it has become more commercialized and increasingly infected with fake money streams and viewer botting. But there certainly is some golden nuggets out there for those who enjoy this kind of entertainment. Casino streaming does not only involve great reward in form of free spins raffles and even cash giveaways, but it also involves a very fascinating interaction between the streamers and the viewers. Some also claim that by watching casino streams it has helped them overcome their gambling addiction. is keeping a close eye on the development on the Twitch and in case you’d like to write and report about the casino streaming community you are welcome to contact us through the contact form. If you want to learn more about casino streaming, or learn how to stream yourself, read this article. Protection Status ©, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited and may result in a Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown and/or legal action.

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Tero Lipponen
Tero Lipponen

We build our own streaming channel in February 2014. ( We streamed almost 2 years, so I think we were one of the first ones. Unfortunately our old YouTube channel closed by YouTube some years ago, so there are no broadcasts anymore to watch. I still have some of our first highroller streams on my computer, so I can download them to YouTube if anyone is interested how we streamed before Twitch =)


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