Slot Myths

We get a lot of questions here about slots and how they work. While there is always a new one, some come up time and again. So much so, that they have cropped up in the mind of most players at least once. A lot of the myths on this list originated ‘back in the day’ in the halls of physical casinos before the internet was widespread. As such, there may have been a grain of truth to them back then. Fortunately, things have improved since the wild west days so let’s take a look at some of the most common slot myths out there.

Casinos are rigged

If there is one common concern that many new players share it is about the system being rigged. While no one can guarantee that every slot provider out there is running a clean show, it is easy to find the legit operators. Say what you will about gambling regulators, but they have done a fairly commendable job of cleaning up the industry and setting casinos straight. To avoid rigged casinos, only use operators that are fully licensed and regulated by the UKGC for British Gamblers, or reputable European regulators such as the MGA. If a casino is regulated, they usually make this crystal clear on their site. If you can’t find licensing information, run while you can to the next casino on the list.

Slots are rigged

The next trust issue is over rigged games. It is fine to be a sceptic; it is your money after all. However, developers, as well as providers, work hard to win players’ trust. They do this by employing Random Number Generators (RNGs) with their games. Number one, these RNGs ensure that every spin is completely fresh, random, and completely uninfluenced by the spins that preceded it. Secondly, regulators test and audit RNGs as part of licensing to ensure that slots are providing the numbers they claim so players receive fair games.

A 9% RTP means I get 96% of my bets back

In the long run, this is statistically true. However it is not so clear cut in the short term. The thing about the return to player rate is that it is calculated using an enormous amount of spins. So in the short term, 100 spins might return 50%, or it might return 10,000%. That’s why some sessions are disappointing, whereas others strike it big within a few spins. That is the nature of gambling right there and the ups and downs of playing slots.

Slots that haven’t paid out for a while are due a big win

It can be natural to feel this way, but it is not how slots work. Yes, pay out a certain percentage as indicated by RTP rates. But keep in mind the huge number of spins needed to calculate that figure. A slot that hasn’t paid out much for a while might continue that way for a while to come. It is just as likely to pays out big on the very next spin. You have to see slots as completely random. Literally anything can happen on the next spin which is what makes them so exciting, and why bankrolls are set to avoid chasing winners. Keep in mind that slots don’t owe us anything, no matter how much we might have put in.

You should avoid slots that have just paid out a jackpot

Again, this is the same line of thinking as the previous point and needs to be dealt with in the same manner. We have no idea what a slot will do next, even if it has just paid out a fortune. Remember, each spin is completely independent of everything that preceded it.

You need to bet at max level to win jackpots

Fortunately this is generally no longer the case, though there are exceptions. In the past, some slots were released with jackpots attached that could only be won if players bet at the max level. The great news for jackpot hunters who happen not to be high rollers is that this practice is far less prevalent now. Jackpots are much more democratic and can usually be won while spinning at any bet level. Make sure to check this point when reading a game’s paytable for the first time.

Casino bonuses have less chance of winning

This is certainly not the case at legit, regulated online casinos. Slots have no idea where the credits in your account came from so react no differently when spun using free spins or bonus cash. Cool fact, Mega Moolah jackpots have been won from welcome bonus free spins in the past. So, you can rest assured that bonuses are just as useful as cash when it comes to winning at slots.

Slots are easier to win at certain times of the day

A hangover from the physical slot rumour days that is false. The RNGs that govern them have no idea what time it is. Online slots are 24 hours a day; they don’t care when the credits go in, or when the wins go out. Feel free to play whenever you like knowing that you have the same chance of winning whenever you do.

Some slots run hot while others are cold

This is another physical slot rumour that has crossed over to the online world. Hot slots are those mythical money printing machines that spew forth coins just by looking at them. Cold slots are those frigid numbers that don’t pay out no matter what. As we have looked at in-depth, RNGs do not allow this type of behaviour. It doesn’t mean you can’t get on good or bad rolls, but each spin is independent of the spins that came before it.

Final word

As you can see, most myths revolve around rigged games, or slots that are programmed to behave certain ways, as if they have minds of their own. Fortunately, we live in a pretty open time which is good news for online slots players. Online casinos are transparent with things like RTP, and stats and figures are easy to find. This means players can know exactly what they are getting into. Stick with licensed, regulated online casinos, and you can confidently gamble knowing that the games are fair and random.