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DJ Fox: Slot Overview

If animals could somehow do jobs like us people, it's not hard to imagine cool as ice foxes spinning records in clubs, getting human partygoers throwing up shapes, and acting all exclusively hip up there in the DJ booth. If you're having trouble visualising that scene, then maybe DJ Fox from software provider Push Gaming will help paint a mental picture. DJ Fox is a follow-up to Generous Jack, which, if you recall, was Push Gaming's first Push-Up release, operating with an innovative Win What You See gaming mechanic. While Generous Jack was a suave, sophisticated type, DJ Fox is all about letting punters fly their freak flags in a club, and the theme switch is not all that's changed.

Theme is a biggie, however, and where Generous Jack kicked back in a quaint 1920s or thereabouts speakeasy-type establishment, DJ Fox is all about stacks of speakers, pushing out the sort of bass that would rearrange a raver's innards if they spent too long boogieing beside them. DJ Fox is there, raving away up in the top right corner, and you know when someone's wearing shades indoors, at night, they mean business. DJ Fox is a long way audiovisual from Generous Jack - all the better to shine a spotlight on the different ways the two slots function.

DJ Fox slot
DJ Fox slot

One difference is in grid layout. DJ Fox arranges its gaming area using 5-rows holding 3 positions each in a stack. Players are able to activate 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 rows at the start of each spin – the more rows, the greater the stake will be. The default is 1 active row where the default RTP is 96.28%, whilst stakes range from 10 c to $/€100 per spin. However, by using the Push-Up menu, it is possible to activate extra rows:

  • 2 active rows costs 2.5x the bet. RTP is 96.42%.
  • 3 active rows costs 5x the bet. RTP is 96.21%.
  • 4 active rows costs 7.5x the bet. RTP is 96.36%.
  • 5 active rows costs 10x the bet. RTP is 96.31%.

When using the Push-Up, wins are evaluated in respect to the base bet, not the Push-Up amount. Also, Push Gaming mentions DJ Fox being a less volatile ride than Generous Jack, though volatility retains a high rating. Pressing the play button spins the entire grid. Each position on the reels may land valueless Duds, record symbols displaying a number of 00 to 9, or VIP symbols. Only symbols landing on active rows count, and you Win What You See divided by 10. Let's say dud-1-dud lands on an active row; then players win 0.1x their bet. Landing a dud-9-9 on an active row would award 9.9x the bet, though hitting 7-dud-7 on an active row would be worth 1.4x.

DJ Fox: Slot Features

DJ Fox slot
DJ Fox slot

DJ Fox is fairly light on features, but it does have a VIP symbol, which can open things up with the help of respins, a Multiplier meter and a Meter Lock.

VIP Symbols

When a VIP symbol lands on an active reel, the next locked row becomes active, and a respin is awarded. The VIP symbol is collected on the Multiplier meter, removing it from the grid. When a new row becomes active, any VIP symbols on the newly activated row are also collected by the Multiplier meter. During respins, positions holding dud symbols spin again while any Number symbols are held in place. When respins have ended, all active rows receive a win evaluation.

Multiplier Meter

To access win multipliers, segments of the Multiplier meter need to be filled. When VIP symbols are collected, the lowest segments on the meter are filled. At the end of a spin, the total win is multiplied by the highlighted value on the Multiplier meter. At the start of a new round, all positions on the Multiplier meter are inactive.

Meter Lock

The Meter Lock is a random event which locks progress on the Multiplier meter for the next spin. The Meter Lock can only trigger at the end of a round where VIP symbols have been added to the Multiplier meter. All unlocked rows and meter positions are held in place for the next paid game round. Meter Lock is tied to the selected bet level, so meter positions become inactive if the player changes the bet or activates Push-Up.

DJ Fox slot
DJ Fox slot

DJ Fox: Slot Verdict

Just as Generous Jack played out differently to most other slots out there, so does DJ Fox, except it's not quite so stacked with features this time. For starters, there is no free spins bonus round, though a couple of features can somewhat elongate a base game spin – respins and the Meter Lock, for instance. Doing it this way gives DJ Fox a fast, pacey flow, which speed freaks may appreciate. This plays well with the Win What You See creed DJ Fox adheres to, though it is a little amusing that it is actually Win What You See – divided by 10.

That little technical caveat might make wins on DJ Fox a little disappointing at first. Well, maybe more so if you haven't read the rules fully, where, as a theoretical example, landing 1-0-0 actually pays out 10x the bet. The game makes the divide by 10 clause clear, though, by having a display on the game screen showing how a 1 = 0.1, but the division is something to be aware of. Other than that, DJ Fox offers easy-to-follow, funky Push-Up action with a couple of tagged-on extras, one of the most critical being the VIP symbol. Hitting VIP symbols is how extra rows are activated, increasing the chance of scoring Number symbols and progressing along the Multiplier Meter. Values on the meter start at x2 and top out at x20. The x20 would be useful for attempting to get within striking distance of DJ Fox's 10,000x the bet max win.

While some of the core ideas in this and Generous Jack are similar, the two games offer Push-Up enthusiasts rather different experiences. DJ Fox is slightly dented by the divide by 10 thing but offers a thematically livelier, faster, more streamlined ride than its staid companion.


DJ Fox is a game that doesn’t do too much, but what it does, it does fairly well.

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