Emperor of India

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

Emperor of India slot
Emperor of India slot – base game

Emperor of India: Slot Overview

If bigger is indeed better, one can trace such a notion back to the formidable cannons of the past, icons of human ambition in armament development. This brings to mind the intriguing history of the “Emperor of India” title – a moniker reflecting sovereignty and grandeur, extending beyond mere symbolism unlike the famed yet never battle-used Tsar Cannon. Just as cannons once underscored the power of empires, Red Tiger‘s online slot Emperor of India wields its thematic strength through an opulent setting and regal symbols.

Set against the backdrop of a grand temple adorned with golden pillars, the game captures the essence of imperial majesty that once resonated throughout the Indian Empire. Here, players dive into a world steeped in historical allure, navigating through reels embellished with iconic Indian imagery such as majestic tigers, graceful elephants, and delicate lotus flowers. It’s all done with class and precision, as Red Tiger has managed to infuse the grandeur of India’s imperial past with the engaging elements of modern slot gameplay.

Taking bets from 0.20 to €/$80 per spin, Emperor of India starts with a default 5×3 reel, 243 win ways layout but includes a progression feature that allows the grid to expand up to 6×6 and 46,656 ways thanks to its progression feature. Volatility is high, which comes as no real surprise seeing the high 20,000x advertised max win potential. The default RTP rate, meanwhile is set at 95.72%, with options for lower configurations available, depending on the casino’s choice.

The lower-valued symbols consist of Hindi-styled card suit royals from A to 10, which provide payouts ranging from 0.1x to 0.3x the bet for combinations of six of a kind. For higher-valued symbols, the game includes culturally inspired items such as necklaces, lotus flowers, tea pots, along with more significant symbols like tigers, elephants and gems. These high-pays offer payouts ranging from 0.15x up to 12.5x the bet for six of a kind. Wild symbols appear on all reels and substitute for all paying symbols.

Emperor of India slot
Emperor of India slot – stage completed

Emperor of India: Slot Features

Ascending through the ranks of the Emperor’s Rule, players progress through 4 stages, each unlocking various features along the way. From Emperor Wilds and High Emperor Wilds to Great Emperor Wilds, every stage leads you closer to the ultimate reward: free spins.

Chain Reaction & Emperor’s Rule Progress Bar

Symbols forming wins disappear, making way for new symbols to drop in that may form new wins. Each reel has 6 symbol positions, but only the bottom 3 rows are active at the start of each spin. Forming a win activates the next inactive row from bottom to top for the following chain reactions, increasing the number of possible win ways. At the start of each spin the active rows are reset to the initial 3.

A progress bar comprising 4 stages overlays the 6th reel. Achieving the highest paying symbol (gem) on the active rows contributes to filling the progress bar. Each stage necessitates landing 100 symbols to reach completion. Upon completing each stage of the Emperor’s Rule, new symbol types and features enhance the reels: Stage 1: Emperor Wild (Purple), Stage 2: High Emperor Wild (Green), Stage 3: Great Emperor Wild (Pink), Stage 4: Free Spins. Upon the fulfillment of stage 4 of the Emperor’s Rule, the progress bar vanishes, and the 6th reel becomes accessible.


Wilds substitute for all paying symbols. Wilds, including those unlocked by completing a stage in the Emperor’s Rule, appear on reel 3 until the last stage of the Emperor’s Rule is completed, and on reels 3 and 4 after that:

  • The Emperor Wild exapnds across all active rows on a reel and remains in place even after contributing to a win until all 6 rows of the reels are engaged, however, it disappears after participating in a win on the 6th row.
  • The High Emperor Wild acts the same as the Emperor Wild, but also holds a random win multiplier of x2, x3, x5 or x10.
  • The Great Emperor Wild acts the same as the High Emperor Wild but also does not disappear after taking part in a win for 3 consecutive wins after all 6 rows of the reels are activated.

Free Spins

After completing the final stage of the Emperor’s Rule, scatter symbols are introduced to reels 1, 2, 5, and 6. If 4 scatters land in a spin, it triggers 10 free spins with the 6th row active. Furthermore, during free spins, landing 4 scatters awards an additional +10 spins.

Emperor of India slot
Emperor of India slot – free spins

Emperor of India: Slot Verdict

Emperor of India’s progression system, which allows the reel set to expand and increase the number of win ways, is a staple feature of many Red Tiger slots. This mechanism, while introducing a sense of anticipation appreciated by some, may not resonate with players who favor instant access to a game’s full capabilities and potential from the start.

Thematically, the game is executed with a level of sophistication and attention to detail that reflects the grandeur of the historical Indian Empire. However, this serious and polished approach may not resonate with players seeking a more relaxed experience and an escape from the complexities of daily life. Instead, it could come across as too intense or heavy for those who prefer their gaming to be light-hearted and fun.

Emperor of India maintains a steady course, much like its theme, noble and dignified, while in many respects being a rather typical Red Tiger release. For players intrigued by historical themes and who appreciate a methodically unfolding gameplay experience, it could be worth a spin, but it may not leave a lasting impression on the broader audience looking for no frills high-energy action.


For players intrigued by historical themes and who appreciate a methodically unfolding gameplay experience, Emperor of India could be worth a spin, but it may not leave a lasting impression on the broader audience looking for no frills high-energy action.

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