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30000x Win On Sanctuary (Big Time Gaming)

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So last time I posted here I had a 13000x on Sanctuary.

This time I had 8$ left and did one buy, managed to gamble it up and the rest is history.

30kx win


Posted : 20/06/2024 12:21 pm
sancun and Roelosss reacted
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Its like 29k x bet!!! :O One missing from all 4!!! Exceptional work mate! If there would be replay - that would be a highlight of a game 🙂

Posted : 20/06/2024 4:06 pm
b1shTV reacted
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Damn, I hate this slot with passion. Its very hard to gamble the 4 slots in and when you get there, it barely pays. Sick win though, big congrats!

Posted : 20/06/2024 5:14 pm
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That is soo insane considering you only had a couple of € left. Sick hit man, congrats 🙂

Posted : 20/06/2024 6:07 pm
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Thats the most insane screen ive seen on this game, get in man! Hope you cashed out some of it atleast 😀

Posted : 22/06/2024 12:11 pm
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@andersson777 It was on a crypto casino so I managed to cash almost all of it instantly, cashed ~2,6k and gave away 2k to friends & family. Really unreal to get a win like that. Does anybody know if there is a bigger X win on any Big Time Gaming?

Posted : 22/06/2024 10:36 pm
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Posted by: @b1shtv

 Does anybody know if there is a bigger X win on any Big Time Gaming?

Yes, plenty of them, specially on Lil Devil which gave a lot of wins around 100,000x


Posted : 22/06/2024 10:58 pm
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I always passed to spin Big time gaming and went to hacksaw or pragmatic. I think its time to give a chance for big time gaming 😀

Posted : 23/06/2024 1:37 pm
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Sick can't believe you managed to gamble it all the way congrats.

Posted : 23/06/2024 9:36 pm
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I love this game but its actually so hard to gamble to the top. and even if you get to the top it often times doesnt drop in wilds... Congrats tho

Posted : 24/06/2024 2:53 pm
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enjoy amigo, 🍾

Posted : 25/06/2024 1:41 pm
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