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The scene is infested with fake streamers right now. AyeZee viewbots his way to 10k viewers on Kick.

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For those who don't know, this AyeZee guy notoriously bet using fake money provided by Rollbit, got exposed several times for viewbotting on Twitch as well. Probably feeling too much heat from the community, he dipped for a year or so but now he's back streaming on Kick with 10k viewers like nothing happened. Yup, wonder how many of those are bots (still betting 600$ a spin btw, for sure that's his own hard-earned money!😵 😵 )


Posted : 10/01/2024 7:11 pm
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Dude, they are all fake streamers. There's no such thing as a genuine streamer anymore. Either it's straight up fake money or just the same money circulating in order to stream as much as possible to hook new customers. Admittedly though, some streamers are worse than others like this guy.

Posted : 10/01/2024 8:36 pm
inlandempire reacted
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These people are pathetic. They have no shame whatsoever. They're like gypsies scamming their viewers with lies and deceit.

Posted : 10/01/2024 8:37 pm
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AyeZee is a known clown 🤡


I wondered what happened to him. He ran away to Kick just like he ran away to Malta to gamble on a scammy unregulated website and scam more people.

Posted : 10/01/2024 9:08 pm
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@kane Yeah nowadays if you wanna stream slots and don't have a casino hook u up with fake balance then there's no point lol. People just gonna watch clowns spinning 500$ cause they don't know any better. Can't compete betting sub 10$ like normal people.

Posted : 10/01/2024 9:27 pm
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@lutacubra81 Heard many bad things about Rollbits, wouldn't be surprised if they're behind AyeZee's every move tbh.

Posted : 10/01/2024 9:29 pm
LutaCubra81 reacted
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They're based in Malta that's why he's there. He's definitely their puppet. @inlandempire

Posted : 15/01/2024 12:26 am
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It's funny how Casinogrounds and letsgiveitaspin used to whine and complain about crypto streamers and now they are playing on crypto casinos themselves. It's all bs. It's literally impossible for them now to maintain their image of being these holier than thou streamers when they are playing on such casinos. Hypocrites.

Posted : 03/06/2024 2:35 pm
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Ayezee go fly a kite and try to be a effing actor to be honest. the way he screams when he has a big win, it looks like he will pop a fcking vain in his face tbh. That Xposed is worst tbh.

I always wonder about spin life whether they legit on gamdom or not.

But I do not trust all of them, I sometimes look back when they use to get excited about a 500x win which was uncommon then, on a $2 stake. Those were the days when gambling was once very good and enjoyable.

I think its sad with these bonus buy and no limits betting options at some of these crypto joints, how it promotes unhealthy gambling etc. I don't have anything against providers. I think they should just really cap the stakes, like $1000 stake per spin on PP? No other casinos are able to replicate that, except for some crypto joints.


Posted : 04/06/2024 12:52 pm
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Sometimes I watch those streamer's videos or clips just to check the potential of the slots they played. Obviously the casino's reload and incomes from streaming or other platforms provide tons of bullets for them to gamble daily.

Among those streamers/youtubers, I really avoid watching Xposed, this dude is really annoying and you can't really enjoy watching him screaming and smashing stuffs in evey video (but I do enjoy watching this self-claimed blackjack champion losing millions in land-based casino playing blackjack, cause he can't scream there lol)

Posted : 04/06/2024 4:37 pm
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I cannot imaging screaming and throwing things around for a stream, when you know you won ''NOTHING" as in Fake money.

This is a clear indication of what people would do for money, even make themselves sick and embarrass themselves on live stream like that!

Posted : 05/06/2024 2:44 pm
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Eh i don't really care if it's fake or not to be honest. The more Important thing for me is how entertaining to watch a Streamer is and how they treat their Viewers.
As i know a couple of people that won something from their Streams I can say that they are atleast good to their community

Posted : 07/06/2024 6:53 am
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@kane nah we still got wgtv and juicy slots

Posted : 04/07/2024 9:06 am
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I think it is all the same on Kick, either way i get what you are saying but still it is for content purposes only and you should always look at it that way. Big wins are all fun and stuff but it is basically just like play for fun.

Posted : 14/07/2024 11:55 pm
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The worst fake streamer must be Roshtein what a tool. 


In the Netherlands we have very strickt rules about gambling.

I like to watch streamer "nedergaming". I believe he is legit. He plays with normal stakes like average Joe. he is very chaotic but extremly funny.  

Posted : 15/07/2024 11:19 am
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