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Claiming my tournament wins admin help plzzz

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Dear Community members. Push me to the limit, to claim my winnnnings 🙂
Juicy 6th position on Heart ofCleo tournament.
Waiting for the admin to write me 🙂

Posted : 08/06/2024 6:42 am
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Admin wont contact with you, you need to contact with him and you need to be eligible for tournaments

Posted : 08/06/2024 8:43 am
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I have same problem like you. Admin do not contact me from email

Posted : 29/06/2024 4:57 am
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Keep patient mr Daniel will be reply message. I win to but still patient.. Its free and prize money have fun and enjoy.. 

Posted : 29/06/2024 9:47 am
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@bigsugardady If you would of read the requirements updated as many people were multi accounting you would know that both you guys wins were voided as the new requirements for more strict to participate 🙂 Take a look around the website and integrate and have some fun testing out slots or join in discussion in a good way. :)) And good luck for upcoming contest/tournament


see here for more information about that 🙌🏻


Posted : 29/06/2024 9:49 pm
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be patient

Posted : 06/07/2024 12:52 am
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@thecasinosamurai hi

Posted : 18/07/2024 3:52 am
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Posted : 18/07/2024 7:12 am
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Posted : 18/07/2024 7:12 am