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Big Mac

Hi guys,


Just curious, I just looked at your list of good and bad streamers and saw casinodaddy listed together with Roshtein. Not that I am a fan of those arrogant douchbags but was still surprised to see them share the same space as the worst fake streamer ever known to mankind. Care to explain?

Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2021 10:34 am
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They deserve to be on that list given all the shitty casinos they shamelessly promote. I'm not a fan of any streamer, I wouldn't ever sink that low. But some are worse than others.

Posted : 28/08/2021 10:40 am

There was an argument apparently on Twitter about casinodaddy stealing content from bigwinboard. If you look at their crappy website it's quite obvious they have. For starters, the review pages look almost the same so yeah, they've pretty much cloned bwb. Fruity slots did the same thing, if not worse. They even cloned the scoring system 🤔 Not sure how these people are thinking.

Posted : 28/08/2021 10:50 am
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Big Mac

@peppenero If that's the case then they belong on that shitlist for a good enough reason. Roshtein may be a silly fake but at least he doesn't resort to content theft 🙄 

Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2021 10:55 am
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casino daddy have always been a bunch of wankers. They were clearly view botting in the early days as they were regularly streaming to 1000+ viewers when others had max 300 at that time. It was ridiculous. There were always the telltale signs like inactive chats etc. If you resort to view botting the step to fake money streaming is probably not all that far. I still have my doubts in regard to their viewer count. Just look at their youtube channel. 10 times more subs than bwb for example but not all that many more views per video. It became really ridiculous when they started hiring people to stream for them 24/7 so they could go and show off their nice haircuts and watches that they've been able to afford thanks to promoting scam casinos to their viewers they care fuck all about.

It's pretty disappointing that some of the decent streamers have started to be buddies with them. A year ago that was unthinkable even for them.

Posted : 28/08/2021 11:05 am
Adrian Ripburger

casinodaddy 100% still viewbotting on Twitch, not a single doubt about it. 2.8k viewers on Twitch, only 900 on Youtube. Yet their Twitch chat is not nearly as active as Letsgiveitaspin for example when he has 800-900 viewers on Twitch. Pathetic.

Not hard to buy view bots. Here, choose one

Look at those spam accounts 🤣

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Posted : 28/08/2021 1:45 pm
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And I can tell you guys that if you see a big win on a Nolimit City or Pragmatic Slot on a €10+ bet, it's almost with 100% certainty a fake money win. 99% of all players stick to the 0.10-0.50 bet range. Real money streamers maybe stick to €1-5 bet, sometimes €10-20 if running hot. Fake money streamers play minimum €10 up to €100 ALL THE TIME. They buy nolimit city bonuses worth tens of thousands all the time with their fake funds. That's why they are the only ones regularly landing the ridiculous high stake fake wins. Remember that. It's total bullshit. Fake advertising. False representation of gambling. The regulators are weak as hell. They pretend to care but all they care about is getting a piece of the pie.

Posted : 29/08/2021 1:14 pm

None of the streamers can be argued playing with real funds. What is the difference between unlimited bonuses or fake cash deposited to the account. None is real. Sure the fake streamers are taking no risks but the other big streamers dont take any significant risks either. They're all fake some are just worse. The game studios that suck their asses and promote their wins are just fucking lame. Just saw avatar ux promote a casinodaddy win, that pretty boy and his fake smile celebrating in his ridiculous Gucci tshirt LOL. What a fucking wanker. Promote some real player wins instead ffs. They'd be 20 cent stake and not 10 euros. Fucking circus the whole thing.

Posted : 29/08/2021 2:55 pm

What the fake Stake/Gamdom/Roobet streamers do is to "reinvest" their winnings into large bonus hunts etc, that way they can hide the fact that it's non-withdrawable money they are playing with. It's a load of bollocks.

Posted : 30/08/2021 10:35 am
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@habanerokid I can definitely admit that I belong to the 20-cent category streamer! 😀 I've recently started streaming more often, and it's mostly slots and Wonderland (my speciality, long story...), and whenever I do play slots, my bet size raaarely goes above €1. It usually sits between €0.40~0.80 (for buyins, I tend to stick to the €0.10~0.40-mark as my bet size). Maybe it's different for those who are affiliated, or? I cannot say I have seen many affiliated streamers who plays with that bet size... SuperSmask, maybe? That said, I do tend to turn up my bet quite randomly to something like €2 etc., juuust in case I manage to hit something good with that. After a few spins, I go back to my usual bet size.

But yeah, I have stopped watching most casino streamers. Simply because 1) I don't have time, 2) there are other more appealing and interesting streamers to watch (no, no hot tub etc.) and 3) they are non-engaging with their viewers. Maybe once every 5 minutes or so. Soe yeah, not my cup of tea that. 

Maybe some day, I will be included in that "list of streamers". First, I gotta pop those big wins, I guess... 😀

Interesting topic, though!

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Posted : 31/08/2021 11:58 am
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Posted by: @big-mac

Hi guys,


Just curious, I just looked at your list of good and bad streamers and saw casinodaddy listed together with Roshtein. Not that I am a fan of those arrogant douchbags but was still surprised to see them share the same space as the worst fake streamer ever known to mankind. Care to explain?

For starters, they've ripped off our website. Not only the design of the review pages but they've also been caught ripping off the reviews themselves. Instead of just admitting that they're lazy affiliates who resort to content theft, their response was rather arrogant when called out, to put it mildly (we were called "trash" - classy ey?).

But what do you expect from a bunch of affiliates who plug hundreds of scam casinos to their viewers which they pretend to care so much about. And as streamers, I have my own opinion about them. I started streaming around the same time they did, and let's just put it this way; there was a lot of suspicion within the community directed their way in regard to viewbotting and fake money streaming.

In my opinion, affiliates like that should be encouraged or legitimised. There are plenty of good ones who do what they do in a responsible and respectful manner. They're the ones who deserve the support. That's why we made the list. Cheers.


Posted : 01/09/2021 9:00 pm
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Seems like 90% of the streamers on Twitch are fake and trying to take shortcuts. Very sad to see.

Posted : 22/10/2021 2:02 am