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Closed [Closed] Book of Power (Casinogrounds) €1k Free-to-Play Tournament

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To celebrate the release of Book of Power, Bigwinboard has teamed up with our friends over at the casino streaming community CasinoGrounds.com to bring you another awesome free-to-play tournament. With a total prize pool of €1000, members are invited to join the tournament which will run from March 8 until March 15. Joining is free, and all gameplay is in demo mode.


Prize structure

Day 1 - 6
1st place: €100 Amazon Voucher

Day 7 - 8
1st place - €200 Amazon Voucher


Please make sure you are eligible to join the giveaway. To qualify for participation, you need to be a member with a minimum of 5 comments or forum posts. Spam will not be accepted (this includes comments such as "great", "thanks", or "awesome"). This will immediately lead to disqualification.


Here is a summary of the promo and how it works

  • Each player participating in the Net Gains tournament is given 400 free spins daily (for 7 days).
  • This tournament is restricted to one round of 400 spins per person.
  • Spins run out after 400, and your score is automatically updated on the leaderboard (and reset each day). Participants are allowed to win more than one voucher during the promo.
  • Every day, a tournament runs from 10:00 CET until 22:59 CET. This goes every day from March 8 - 15.
  • Any duplicate entries found will be disqualified from the competition and banned from participating in future giveaways.


How to play

Every day, a new tournament will take place from 10:00 CET. Try your luck every day. Open the tournament by clicking the play now button.

1. Enter your Bigwinboard username in the second field (important to identify winners!). Please note that the first field is for your display name.
2. Click on play and enjoy 400 free spins
3. Try again every day if you don’t win (though only ONCE per day)!
4. Please note: Only the top 30 positions are displayed on the leaderboard.







Day 1: @NoDeal (10,900 points)

Day 2: @Bazsaab (11,165 points)

Day 3: @DONREHAB (27,115 points)

Day 4: @Djrazoo (13,655 points)

Day 5: @Bigbruu (31,955 points)

Day 6: @Stonecold (53,615 points)

Day 7: @Guzzie (20,145 points)

Day 8: @Sotiiriios (57,050 points)


Congratulations to all the winners. Please send me a pm with your preferred Amazon store GEO (Germany, Sweden, UK) and I will forward it to the Casinogrounds team. Hopefully, you'll get the GEO requested, but please be aware that there are no guarantees. Vouchers must be claimed within 7 days.

Topic starter Posted : 03/02/2023 4:44 pm
Stonecold, abdulraqib, Luckylastspin and 7 people reacted

ooo ACE one! 🙂 I'm in! 

Posted : 03/02/2023 8:33 pm

Thank you for the information! I am eagerly waiting for the details regarding this campaign. can't wait to know more about it!

Posted : 04/02/2023 7:27 am

Thank you 

Posted : 04/02/2023 8:16 pm

always great this giveaways! thankss

Posted : 06/02/2023 8:18 pm

Oh, a "book" one, can't wait to play this, I usually love the "book" style games. Let's see.

Posted : 08/02/2023 10:28 pm

Thank for early info.. Cant wait to participate 😊

Posted : 14/02/2023 3:41 am

cant wait to play the tournament, thanks CG and Bigwinbaord. 

Posted : 01/03/2023 12:35 pm

awesome, Relax always has the best giveaways - ones that dont force us to gamble with real money…

Posted : 01/03/2023 6:37 pm

always appreciated this type of giveaways, thanks

Posted : 02/03/2023 11:19 pm

Thanks for the giveaway 🫶

Posted : 08/03/2023 2:27 am
  • Each player participating in the Net Gains tournament is given 400 free spins daily (for 7 days).

Net Gains tournament? 🤔 

Posted : 08/03/2023 3:31 am

Out for real on videoslots now and I am up 400x in 15 minutes what a great book game. I nearly gambled 15 normal spins for power spins but I chickened out but won 250x

Screenshot 2023 03 08 06 39 28 13 40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12


Posted : 08/03/2023 7:48 am

Let's Go Thats a Nice Game for a Tournament

Posted : 08/03/2023 7:53 am

for now doesn't work, i tried two times and don't give me 400 spin, only demo mode

Posted : 08/03/2023 9:17 am
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