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Closed [Closed] Money Train 3 (Relax Gaming) 10,000 Euro Giveaway!

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To celebrate the launch of Money Train 3, Relax Gaming has decided to do a an epic 10,000 Euro giveaway with the Bigwinboard community! Starting on the 22nd of September and running until the 1st of October, you will get the chance to win Amazon vouchers worth up to €500. All you have to do is to play Money Train 3 for free on our website and try to land the highest score possible.

Winners (Will be updated on Monday)

Day 1 (Sep 22): Caban (€500), cloudstr82 (€300), Rapiida (€100), Nico394 (€100).
Day 2 (Sep 23): Zakb976 (€500), Lundaren (€300), poliblak (€100), Teromies (€100).
Day 3 (Sep 24): Whitey (€500), poliblak (€300), Lnv (€100), Xetroygg (€100).
Day 4 (Sep 25): djrazoo (€500), Xetroygg (€300), LoonRaccoon (€100), julesdub (€100).
Day 5 (Sep 26): DONREHAB (€500), qno456 (€300), nolimit-pelle (€100), Iamgroot (€100).
Day 6 (Sep 27): Rapiida (€500), Caban (€300), Janalleman (€100), syltec (€100).
Day 7 (Sep 28): NCKKO (€500), faras4321 (€300), bloodyx3 (€100), Djronkelo (€100).
Day 8 (Sep 29): Syltec (€500), Rzvftw (€300), arkoule (€100), Dj9000 (€100).
Day9 (Sep 30): Alain (€500), Eirini (€300), vxid (€100), Zakb976 (€100).
Day 10 (Oct 1): Teromies (€500), Potatohead (€300), timbotheprinter (€100), sanderbult (€100).

Sep 22: "Kunapong" disqualified (not a member).
Sep 23: "Macmage" disqualified (not a member).
Sep 24: "josiah bates" disqualified (not enough posts).
Sep 24: "MassiMaestro" disqualified (not enough posts).
Sep 24: "Jomkoo900" disqualified (not enough posts).
Sep 25: "HELOURY" disqualified (not a member).
Sep 26: "pyaephyothant" disqualified (not a member).
Sep 28: "Angelina45" disqualified (spam posting).
Sep 29: "Paddas123" disqualified (not enough posts).
Oct 1: 1st position "The train master" disqualified (not a member).
Oct 1: "Gatoni2" disqualified (not a member).
Oct 1: "Sanjogd" disqualified (not enough posts).

Before reading further, please make sure you are eligible to join the giveaway. To qualify for participation, you need to be a member with a minimum of 5 comments or forum posts. Spam will not be accepted (that includes single words such as "great", "thanks", or "awesome"). This will immediately lead to disqualification.

Here is a summary of the promo and how it works

  • Each player participating in the Bigwinboard Money Train 3 tournament, powered by Relax Gaming, is given 200 free spins per day (for 10 days).
  • This tournament is restricted to one round of 200 spins per person.
  • Spins run out after 200 and your score is automatically updated on the leaderboard (and reset each day). Participants are allowed to win more than one voucher during the promo.
  • Every day, a tournament runs from 12:00 CET until 23:59 CET. This goes every day from Thursday 22nd until Saturday 1st October.
  • There are 4 winners each day:
    - €500 Amazon voucher - 1st place
    - €300 Amazon voucher – 2nd place
    - €100 Amazon voucher - 3rd place
    - €100 Amazon voucher - 4th place
  • Any duplicate entries found will be disqualified from the competition and banned from participating in any future giveaways!

How to play

Every day, a new tournament will take place from 12:00 CET. Try your luck every day. Open the tournament by clicking the button below...

1. Enter your Bigwinboard username in the first field (important to identify winner!)
2. Enter your Bigwinboard account email in the second field.
3. Click on play and enjoy 200 free spins
4. Try again every day if you don’t win (though only ONCE per day)!


Please note: Only the top 30 positions are displayed on the leaderboard.

Terms & Conditions

  • 18+ only.
  • GDPR related to this tournament is accepted on entry. Names and other personal information are used for competition purposes only.
  • Tournament on Money Train 3 Video Slot (by Relax Gaming).
  • The tournament runs strictly between 12:00 and 23:59 every day from the 22nd of September until the 1st of October.
  • Players must be registered on Bigwinboard with username used to play in order to claim a prize.
  • Anybody not adhering to the specified rules will be disqualified.
  • One win per household/IP address (will be checked).
  • This promotion is subject to change with no notice.
  • Vouchers are emailed to all winners after the tournament is closed.
  • Players using a UK IP address will not be able to participate due to technical reasons (VPN is ALLOWED).
  • We cannot guarantee that the Amazon vouchers will be in your currency/country. For example, someone living in Sweden might have to claim their items in the UK version of Amazon.
Topic starter Posted : 13/09/2022 10:41 pm
Tweena22, NCKKO, Whitey and 17 people reacted

I hope its 1000 spins version again like the last one? that was very entertaining, perhaps a new business model buying packs of spins instead of deposit (10% discount) lol.

Posted : 14/09/2022 4:22 pm

@nodeal lets gooo thank u guys

Posted : 14/09/2022 4:44 pm
NoDeal reacted

Looking forward to this release....brilliant series of games.



Posted : 14/09/2022 5:03 pm

Can't wait! Thanks bigwinboard for another exciting competition.

Posted : 14/09/2022 5:59 pm

Awesome! I won on of those Relax givesways before not long ago. Still havr some of the 300€ amazon voucher left 😀

Posted : 14/09/2022 6:02 pm
Pengu reacted

@admin what does min post count mean? I think I’m registered and good to go but can you let me know if I am for sure

Posted : 14/09/2022 7:24 pm

@julesdub so you opt out right? Giving me a bigger chance to win something :p

Posted : 14/09/2022 9:48 pm

@admin none of this understands where to play ?

Posted : 14/09/2022 11:14 pm
Posted by: @admin
money train 3 promo small

Thanks to the awesome people at Relax Gaming, we've been given the incredible opportunity to do this epic giveaway with our community!

Starting on the 22nd of September, YOU will be able to join our Free-To-Play tournament with a daily chance to win a €500 Amazon voucher! All you have to do is to play Money Train 3 for free on our website and try to land the highest score possible.

Only members registered on the forum BEFORE the competition starts will be eligible. A minimum post count (forum or comment section) will be required - so sign up now and start posting!

Read the full Money Train 3 review here.

More info to come...


Posted : 14/09/2022 11:14 pm

@admin fantastic idea

Posted : 15/09/2022 8:59 am

@admin looking forward for this one 💙

Posted : 15/09/2022 10:21 am
Posted by: @nodeal

I hope its 1000 spins version again like the last one? that was very entertaining, perhaps a new business model buying packs of spins instead of deposit (10% discount) lol.

I don't think we ever did 1000 spins? That would take ages 😋

Topic starter Posted : 15/09/2022 11:24 am

Cant freaking wait!

Posted : 15/09/2022 1:29 pm

So a minimum post count will be required? Only active members allowed?

Posted : 15/09/2022 1:29 pm
btssultan reacted
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