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Closed [Closed] Nugget (AvatarUX & Gamdom) $5k Giveaway

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Excitement Alert! We're teaming up with AvatarUX and Gamdom to turbocharge your gaming rewards!

Nugget will be available exclusively on Gamdom until February 1. Show off your winning moment on AvatarUX's Nugget slot and you could be in for a major slice of our whopping $5000 prize pool. It's your time to shine!


Register your Gamdom account here


Prize Structure

  • 1st place: $1500 (highest multi)
  • 2nd place: $1000 (2nd highest multi)
  • 3rd place: $500 (3rd highest multi)
  • 4th-13th: $200 (random winners)


The cash prizes will be added to the winners Gamdom accounts and comes free of any wagering requirements!


Entry Requirements

  1. The three (3) highest xbet wins on Nugget wins the top 3 awards (on the event two players have the exact same xbet amount, the highest bet wins, or if it's the same bet, the one who posted the win first). 10 winners will be picked randomly to win $200 each. Each entry must be minimum x20 for eligibility. Bonus buys are accepted (for example $1 base bet | $100 bonus buy | $500 win = 500x).
  2. Must be played on during the promotional period.
  3. [Important] Post a screenshot + xbet + date of the win + honest freedback on the game (only required once) your Gamdom username AND Gamdom user ID. Failing to do so will void your entry.


Terms & Conditions

  • Promotional period: 25/1/2023 - 31/1/2024 23:59 CET.
  • Eligibility: Participants must be 18 years or older and have a Gamdom account.
  • Verification of wins: Only real money deposit wins can be accepted, verified with Gamdom casino.
  • Prize distribution: Only 1 prize per person. Gamdom casino will credit all winners after verifying entries.
  • Currency: Some members have tried to cheat by systematically picking lower value currencies not relevant to their actual location (such as NGN). This is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant ban. Only betting currencies allowed are USD or EUR.
  • Accessibility: If you are using a VPN, check with the support whether or not it's allowed. We accept no responsibility for the terms and conditions of Gamdom.
  • Account: Creating a throwaway/fake account for this promo is not allowed and will void all winnings.
  • Crediting: Gamdom aims to credit all prizes as soon as possible, but please allow for up to 2 weeks for prizes to be credited.




These are only preliminary announcement - entries still need to be checked and confirmed!

1st ($1500): 3941x @jussi007
2nd ($1000): 3900x @najim8888
3rd: ($500): 2544x @thefan

Random Winners

@deanings, @rjkot, @emilerikzon85, @astrosick, @hxlohar, @donrehab, @teckiwi, @xkalxelx, @killcamp, @gargakev

Posted : 12/01/2024 1:40 pm
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Posted : 20/01/2024 1:29 pm
xKalxElx reacted
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Aaah Gandon Gamdom.. 

The game its very promising and would love to join this one out, but its a Gamdom :/

Best of luck everyone ! 🙂 

Posted : 20/01/2024 3:43 pm
Samu7777 reacted
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Posted by: @admin


A little typo in the Promotional period, i think a 5 crept in there: 531/1/2024 23:59 CET.

Looking forward to playing it 🙂

Posted : 20/01/2024 3:55 pm
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See you on the leaderboard @xKalxElx

Posted : 22/01/2024 9:08 pm
xKalxElx reacted
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Letsss gooo!!!

Posted : 24/01/2024 4:47 pm
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@thefan haha we'll see. I'm not a big fan of this kinda slots from Avatar. I like their pop games alot more.

Posted : 24/01/2024 11:32 pm
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date of the win  25th Jan CET

xbet  118x

Gamdom username teckiwi

Gamdom user ID 15872422

feedback: I like the gamble feature when free spins are triggered, wish you could keep trying to run it up easily but it ends after hitting x megaways etc. The superbonus(1000x bonus buy) looks crazy with ~531000 ways and 15 spins, can't wait to see some high rollers gamble it onstream etc. Sticky mystery is a fun sweat when you have alot on them.

Posted : 25/01/2024 9:31 am
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Date of win: 25/01/2024

xBet: 35,7x

Gamdom username: Laurrr

Gamdon ID: 287426

Feedback: Not the biggest fan of games like this,especially when there is 4 different "extrabet" and lots of different variations on bonusbuys . From AvatarUX  I remember POP-games and for while i was confused why the reel didn't expand when i hit something in bonus. I still like the feeling about this game, littlebit like old western town vibe with saloon music playing and visuals being greats. In basegame u have chance to get something extra actions with "payday actions" which is nice touch to game that would repeat its self quite quickly without those happening sometimes.

gamdom 1
Posted : 25/01/2024 10:43 am
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65304DE0 F652 4031 B185 66E16430794C

Date of win: 25/01/2024

xBet: 535x

Gamdom username: tello070

Gamdon ID: 15047516



I like the features in the bonus, overall when you hit alot of same symbols it feels like it should be realy big max win but its not.


when you get the guy with the x symbol and have high multiplier it can go crazy



Posted : 25/01/2024 12:39 pm
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@degerardo99 Agreed, good luck to those who have Gamdom accounts

Posted : 25/01/2024 3:18 pm
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Date of win: 25/01/2024

xBet: 3900x

Gamdom username: Najim8888

Gamdon ID: 14859051


Nugget Win 22


Feedback : This Game can go Nuts. The Basegame is quite eventful aswell and you can get some nice Basegame Wins. All the Features are quite hard to figure out as in my opinion the Info Sheet could be bette explained. It dont feel like a typical Avatar-UX Game and i am a Fan of the Pop Games. Reef Pop is my Favorite for sure. This Game tho can go Nuts for sure but it was wuite hard to follow up what is going on as the Spins are going quite fast. Never expected such a Big win. I think i hit the Guy with 34x  all the way. Nice win tho 🙂 . I think with too much extra bets and extra features for me it gets too much confusing tho. Keep making those nice Games as they are not such reskins as other providers do. Something innovative is quite nice . Lets see if my win is good enough 😀 . 

Posted : 25/01/2024 4:40 pm
Deanings reacted
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here we go good luck everyone

Posted : 25/01/2024 5:07 pm
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Date of win:26/01/2024 my local time.

xbet: 2544,65x

gamdom username: kavaman

gamdom id: 15876167


Really sick slot. I mean i like the theme of the slot, and it can really award you if it gets to the mood, but mostly its a balance draining monster, so beware of the volatility, its a volatile slot. I enjoyed it quite a bit, despite being hard to win. Western type of theme is great too. The feature is fun, and you can basicly hit multiple "bonuses" during the bonus round at the same time. Sounds 9/10 , Graphics 9/10, Volatility 10/10. Overall 9½/10.




Posted : 26/01/2024 1:32 am
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date of win :- 26/01/2023

xbet :- 89.55x

gamdon username :-sotia515

gamdom id :- 15802491

Screenshot 2024 01 26 at 02.26.02

Review :- Game seems super fun , similar to their previous release (donkey and the goat with added gamble wheel) . Ive always been a big fan of the gamble feature and love that its been included (altough for some reason just seems so much harder to win the gamble ahaha). Loving the new volatile releases !

Posted : 26/01/2024 3:35 am
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