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Running Pragmatic Play €2000 Giveaway - Play ANY Game

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The cool people over at Pragmatic Play have decided to throw another party with the Bigwinboard community. This time around you'll be able to pick ANY Pragmatic game to chase your wins on. It could be your favorite, a new one or just a strategic choise - let us know why you picked the game you did!

The competition will run from May 12 to May 18, and 10 winners will be picked using an RNG to receive Amazon vouchers worth €200. Best of luck fam!


10 x €200 Amazon vouchers - post your wins and join the random draw for a chance to win €200.


Entry Requirements

  1. Post a (1) win (minimum 30x) on ANY Pragmatic Play slot in this thread (min bet €/$0.10). Bonus buys are accepted (for example $1 base bet | $100 bonus buy | $500 win = 500x).
  2. Share your feedback on the game and why you choose it (avoid short and lazy comments as these won't be helpful to the game provider).
  3. Important! Share a print screen of the live round + replay link & Casino. This is very important. If you fail to meet the requirements, the entry will be disqualified. Pragmatic will verify each entry.
  4. To qualify, participants must ensure that their round is played on the same day as their entry submission. Older wins will be disqualified.
  5. For active members only (minimum 5 forum AND/OR website comments- DO NOT spam the site to reach this requirement).
  6. Must be played within promotional period.


Suggested post format:

  • Feedback: text
  • xbet: 50x
  • Replay:
  • Casino:
  • Image: it is recommended you use to upload your image, then share your link here.


Terms & Conditions

  • Promotional period: 12/05/2024 - 18/05/2024 23:59 CET.
  • Eligibility: Participants must be 18 years or older. Play responsibly.
  • Verification of wins: Only real money wins can be accepted, verified with the game provider. We recommend playing on our accredited casinos for a smoother verification process.
  • Currency: Picking lower value currencies not relevant to your actual location (such as NGN) is not allowed. For fairness, if playing in currencies other than EUR or USD etc, your bet should be at least the minimum bet accepted by the game in EUR.
  • Prize distribution: Pragmatic Play will credit all winners after verifying entries. Winners will receive their gift cards within a specified time frame (to be communicated). Please note that the vouchers may not be specific to your Amazon country but will be equivalent to €200 in your currency. Winners must claim their prizes within 5 days after the end of the promo or any winnings will be void.
  • Amazon voucher limitations: Gift cards cannot be claimed in all countries. In the case your country is not available, you will be offered a voucher closest to your geographical location.
  • One prize per person: Each individual is eligible for one prize only.
  • Disclaimer: The promoter reserves the right to alter, amend, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice. Participants acknowledge and agree that the promo may be subject to change at any time.
Posted : 07/05/2024 1:01 pm
mrclean, Psycho21, xetroygg and 4 people reacted
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Wooow, thats the new level of a Giveaway! How great is this to play any game 😍 😍 

Posted : 09/05/2024 5:58 am
Daniel reacted
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Can’t wait 😎😎

i think i go for sugar rush again 🙃

Posted : 09/05/2024 7:44 am
Daniel reacted
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Quinie here I come

Posted : 09/05/2024 8:41 am
Daniel reacted
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Damn, that sounds awesome!

Posted : 09/05/2024 7:15 pm
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@admin Is a 20p base bet on Sweet Bonanza with a 5p extra bet to increase the chance of a feature counted as 25p, with £7.50 target or 20p with £6 target?

Posted : 10/05/2024 4:18 pm
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shhhhh looking good 🤩 

Posted : 10/05/2024 6:14 pm
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@iguanabob I'd say 20p base bet is what counts.

Posted : 10/05/2024 9:46 pm
iguanabob reacted
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@admin I found out older Pragmatic games don't provide replay links. You can see only spin details in the history but not the actual replay video. Is it still qualify like that for the promo?




Posted : 12/05/2024 2:24 am
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  • Feedback: Although Gates of Olympus is kind of an old slot, it is still one fine slot to play on.
    The base game is a plus for people who can't buy bonus, it's a solid base game with tons of potential, getting a 500x with a decent tumble win is amazing.
    The sad part of the slot is that after tens of thousands of spins, I didn't had a max win yet...
  • xbet: 50x
  • Replay:
  • Casino: Videoslots
  • Image


Posted : 12/05/2024 5:05 am
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  • Feedback: Maybe the most popular pragmatic slot, but also my favorite. Sweet bonanza since its launch has given very good moments and experiences. The interface, sounds and music are entertaining and addictive to watch. I think only a few slots will get the love that this one has.
  • xbet: 57x
  • Replay:
  • Casino: Gamdom
  • Image:
    Screenshot 121
Posted : 12/05/2024 8:17 am
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  • Feedback: I chose to play the OG fruit party. I started my slots journey with this slot and its still one of my favourite slot out there. There’s a nostalgia associated with it and everything is perfect about it. Bonuses can pay max win, base game max wins can happen, music is good, graphics are basic yet soothing. I love everything about fruit party and wish there were more slots like this.
  • xbet: 112x
  • Replay:
  • Casino: Stake
  • Image:
    IMG 4870


Posted : 12/05/2024 8:32 am
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Posted by: @mrclean

@admin I found out older Pragmatic games don't provide replay links. You can see only spin details in the history but not the actual replay video. Is it still qualify like that for the promo?




why not just play a different game there is no need to be so difficult !


Posted : 12/05/2024 9:11 am
Daniel reacted
Posts: 35 and/or Big Bass Bonanza not creating a replay link, if this is not acceptable @admin let me know and I'll find a different game/casino combo.


Played at as they had a deposit offer on, they don't have a large selection of Prags but Big Bass games are always a good shout, they're low volatility, bonuses happen pretty frequently and you won't rip your bankroll in 5 seconds, whilst always holding out the hope for potential big wins that are technically out there. I chose the original Big Bass as it's clear and simple, don't need the gimmicks added in the later versions and the basic mechanic works well without them.

Posted : 12/05/2024 9:27 am
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@mrclean I would definitely recommend playing a version with a replay link.

Posted : 12/05/2024 10:12 am
mrclean reacted
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