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Closed [Closed] Rusty & Curly (Hacksaw Gaming) €2k Giveaway

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Join the celebration with Hacksaw Gaming's latest sensation, Rusty & Curly, and get a chance to win your share of a €2000 prize pool! We're rolling out the red carpet for this grand release with a special competition: snap a screenshot of your biggest win in Rusty & Curly and submit it to us.

Dive into the excitement, showcase your triumphs between March 28 and April 3, and you could be one of the lucky players walking away with a slice of the prize. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to compete, win, and revel in the glory with Rusty & Curly. Start spinning, start winning, and let the games begin!


10 x €200 Amazon Vouchers - post your wins and join the random draw for a chance to win €200.


Entry Requirements

  1. Post a (1) win (minimum 30x) on Rusty & Curly in this thread. Bonus buys are accepted (for example $1 base bet | $100 bonus buy | $500 win = 500x).
  2. Share your feedback on the game (avoid short and lazy comments as these won't be helpful to the game provider).
  3. Share print screen of the live round with balance, bet size and win total visible (live version, not replay version) + replay link.
  4. For active members only (minimum 10 forum AND/OR website comments- DO NOT spam the site to reach this requirement).
  5. Must be played within promotional period.


Suggested post format:

  • Feedback: text
  • Xbet: 30x
  • Replay link:
  • Casino:
  • Image: it is recommended you use to upload your image, then share your link here.


Terms & Conditions

  • Promotional period: 28/03/2024 - 3/04/2024 23:59 CET.
  • Eligibility: Participants must be 18 years or older. Play responsibly.
  • Verification of wins: Only real money wins can be accepted, verified with the game provider. We recommend playing on our accredited casinos for a smoother verification process.
  • Currency: Picking lower value currencies not relevant to your actual location (such as NGN) is not allowed. For fairness, if playing in currencies other than EUR or USD etc, your bet should be at least the minimum bet accepted by the game in EUR.
  • Prize distribution: Hacksaw Gaming will credit all winners after verifying entries. Winners will receive their vouchers within a specified time frame (to be communicated). Please note that the vouchers may not be specific to your Amazon country but will be equivalent to €200 in your currency. Winners must claim their prizes within 5 days after the end of the promo or any winnings will be void.
  • Amazon voucher limitations: Amazon vouchers cannot be claimed in all countries. In the case your country is not available, you will be offered a voucher closest to your geographical location.
  • One prize per person: Each individual is eligible for one prize only.
  • Disclaimer: The promoter reserves the right to alter, amend, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice. Participants acknowledge and agree that the promo may be subject to change at any time. The promoter reserves the right to disqualify any participants who are believed to be cheating or not complying with the established rules, at their discretion.




Congrats to the following members: @japeczar4, @voixer, @ekki85, @samu7777, @its_problem, @wege, @majezik, @wsup123, @timbotheprinter, @rookeeelis (random result verification).


Please DM me here on the site to claim your prize and let me know which Amazon voucher country you prefer! We cannot 100% guarantee that we'll be able to meet your request as stated above. Please allow for up to 14 days before vouchers are sent. Vouchers will be sent to your Bigwinboard registered email. If you fail to claim your prize within 5 days, it will be forfeited.

Posted : 07/02/2024 11:23 am
btssultan, de_exdream, xetroygg and 2 people reacted
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This is awesome, again Hacksaw Gaming

Posted : 07/02/2024 7:03 pm
Daniel reacted
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Nice, two cats on each side then ? 

Posted : 09/02/2024 4:07 pm
Daniel reacted
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I think Hacksaw trying to achieve big popularity

Posted : 11/02/2024 7:04 pm
Daniel reacted
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It looks like Hacksaw will be promoting non-stop this year. big thanks to Hacksaw and Bigwinboard

Posted : 16/03/2024 11:28 pm
Daniel reacted
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Another Hacksaw! 😍 We take it!

Posted : 17/03/2024 4:52 pm
Daniel reacted
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@admin why isn't any other provider lined up for promos yet? usually the 1 or 2 coming month schedule is already full with upcoming promos 😕

Posted : 25/03/2024 12:11 am
Daniel reacted
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@mrclean Yggdrasil usually does give some good promotions but they been gone for a while now 👀 


W hacksaw & BWB for these promotions much love ❤️ 


(Also NLC is missed here!)

Posted : 26/03/2024 9:16 am
Daniel reacted
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i'm skipping this one. Good luck everyone!!! 😉 

Posted : 27/03/2024 9:37 pm
Daniel reacted
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Posted by: @gargakev

@mrclean Yggdrasil usually does give some good promotions but they been gone for a while now 👀 

W hacksaw & BWB for these promotions much love ❤️ 

(Also NLC is missed here!)

I'd love to get a greater mix of providers sponsoring promos here, but as it stands, Hacksaw and Pragmatic Play are our biggest fans 🙂 Also, I have this policy of only running one promo at any given point in order to maximize the exposure for the sponsors to give them maximum value. There is A LOT of interest amongst providers to run promos here and I literally have to turn down many of the offers to leave room for the best ones with the most value for our community.

I love doing this for you guys. I get nothing out of it, I don't charge providers anything. All I want is for the community to benefit ♥️


Posted : 27/03/2024 10:43 pm
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@admin   I really appreciate your work to organize those tournaments. As a small player I enjoy them without spending a huge budget on gambling. It gives a positive outcome and more fun to play a little here and there. Thank you and Bigwinboard  for running those promos for the community.  

Posted : 27/03/2024 10:51 pm
degerardo99 and Daniel reacted
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  • Feedback: Im the first, nobody want be the first 🙂  The slots have potential, i mean is the first slot in 2024 from Hacksaw Gaming where basegame spins is more funny because the wild can be sticky, the freespins enter more easy than others slots from hacksaw. I tried befor the super bonus here on bigwinboard and is a very good idea the 3 cicles with 3 freespins every cicle. I think finally this rusty & curly could be one of top3 Hacksaw gaming 2024 slots
  • Xbet: 45.8x
  • Player ID OR Game Round ID:10369748204
  • Replay:
  • Casino:
  • Image:
    imagen 2024 03 28 012622267
    imagen 2024 03 28 012643864
Posted : 28/03/2024 1:31 am
teckiwi reacted
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  • Feedback: This game is going to be a huge hit, both bonuses feel like huge wins could drop in at any time(I loved the sheriff bonus 12 spins for 300x cost). The bonus sweats are fun as the wilds with hearts can give respins and more opportunities to hit it, full reels of wilds dropping in basegame is great too. The stick to the plan bonus also dropped in a 100x wild to pay 200x+ line win. I can see some max wins being posted here in the near future. Love super turbo spin option in hacksaw titles. 
  • Xbet: 405x
  • Player ID OR Game Round ID:
  • Casino: Gamdom
  • Image:
    405x curly



Posted : 28/03/2024 1:47 am
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Feedback: The wilds repins in the base game are great, you can get pretty good hits with it, I'm just not a big fan of the super bonus.

I mean, it can pay pretty well if you land the chicken and the donkey but the normal bonus is way more fun.
Xbet: 225.40x
Game Round ID: 4003119705104

Casino: Gamdom

Posted : 28/03/2024 2:37 am
Posts: 91
  • Feedback: Its kind of best of 3 bonuses, but pays the sum of all three rounds which i like, however a 300x bonus can pay a 4-5x is quite painful. I am still unable to see how can you reach the potential here as only 2 reels can have multi, maybe it can be reached with all other rows with wild reels. As of now not a big fan of this slot but will try and give it some more chance. I would rate it 6/10
  • Xbet: 92.20x
  • Game Round ID: 10372777624
  • Casino: Stake
  • Url:
  • Image:
    IMG 3074


Posted : 28/03/2024 6:17 am
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