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Running Sweet Bonanza 1000 (Pragmatic Play) €10,0000 Giveaway

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Posted by: @whomi

@admin can we buy super bonus on this in IDR. Currency it costs 20$ don't know if it will counts as entry tho

  • Currency: Picking lower value currencies not relevant to your actual location (such as NGN) is not allowed. For fairness, minimum bet must always be equal to or over 0.10 EUR.

I don't know if he meant to say 0.10 EUR or 0.20 EUR, but let's assume that's 0.10 EUR.

Knowing that super buy is 500x your bet size, it would make your bet size equal to 0.04$, which is greatly lower than 0.10 EUR, so I think that's an invalid bet size.


Posted : 15/06/2024 10:37 am
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Feedback: See Below
Xbet: 36.25x
Replay link:


vlcsnap 2024 06 15 17h46m52s347

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I know there's no rewards for writing this but I still choose to write it anyways. Maybe more like a review instead of feedback.


When I was new to online slots, I saw it being one of the most popular games on Stake.
I tried this game no more than three times and never came back. Yes, my tastes are different from many people. Even though I lost over 5Kx on Tombstone RIP in half a week without bonus buy, and couldn't hit anything 500x+, I still love this game and still rate it a MASTERPIECE. Pirots is very popular. I can't understand it. And Sweet Bonanza is even more confusing to me why it's so popular.

Compared to the original, there is only one major change: in the Free Spins, there is a chance to get a giant 1000x golden bomb. Following that is the 100x bomb, which was the largest in the original game.
Other than that, a Super Bonus (impossible to spin into) was added at a price of 500x. Plus, there is a hard cap of 25Kx, instead of the original uncapped version which might produce a result greater than the stated 21,100x if one runs trillions of spins.

OK, first let's talk about the base game.
In most other providers' games, you only need 3 Scatters to trigger the Bonus. But in many Pragmatic games, you need 4 Scatters to trigger the Bonus. Yes, I know the Bonus frequency and Bonus RTP/Total RTP are about the same, but it just makes me feel very uncomfortable.
Some base games seem to have potential, like Misery Mining, but I haven't found any replays or videos of anyone winning 1000x in the main game.
As for this one, theoretically, with infinite avalanches, you can reach over 10000x or even Max Win, but I think finding a Shakespeare monkey is easier than achieving the base game max win. I guess in the most optimistic scenario, the difficulty of hitting Base Game 500x is not much higher than hitting two San Quentin 5S Bonuses, both being Max Win.
Without Multiplier Bombs, this base game is very dull. It's like Pine of Plinko; if you can't trigger the Bonus, don't expect anything good. Of course, a Big Win is possible, at least significantly higher than the Money Cart series.
Conclusion: Very bad.

They literally only added one (1) element, being the 1000x Bomb.
Some might enjoy this kind of bonus and think it's satisfying, but I'm not one of them. If every spin have equal value, I want to see some exciting features. Serial and Disturbed do a good job at this, and Land of the Free is not bad either. But Sweet Bonanza 1000 is not exciting enough. Sorry.
Gates' Bonus is much better. Even if you don't get a huge Multiplier, since the activated Multiplier is stored, the value of each spin increases. Although I don't like the Gates series that much, it is still much better than Sweet Bonanza.

Conclusion: Meh.

Posted : 15/06/2024 10:48 am
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Posted by: @whomi

@admin can we buy super bonus on this in IDR. Currency it costs 20$ don't know if it will counts as entry tho

I feel like everything is explained in the rules tbh.


Posted : 15/06/2024 11:56 am
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Posted : 15/06/2024 12:28 pm
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Feedback - not required

Casino gamdom 

Xbet - 47x

Replay link-

Screenshot 2024 06 15 17 38 30 757
Posted : 15/06/2024 1:12 pm
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Posted : 15/06/2024 1:32 pm
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Insane prizepool again

Posted : 15/06/2024 1:42 pm
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Feedback: (not required)

Xbet: 83x

Replay link: Unfortunately not available on this casino (4 out of 5 casinos now show an empty lists instead)

Screenshot 20240615 144334

Game round ID: 45776477005001


Screenshot 20240615 135924



Posted : 15/06/2024 1:47 pm
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Thanks for another amazing giveaway! 😊 



Posted : 15/06/2024 2:27 pm
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Feedback: (not required)
Xbet: 148x
Replay link:

IMG 7130
Posted : 15/06/2024 2:38 pm
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35x (28x extra bet)


Optional feedback: It seems to be harsher both in the base game and the feature than the regular Sweet Bonanza, which is a natural consequence of the increased top end wins. As a low-volatility preferring person I would stick to the OG  version, but I can see the appeal of this to someone who wanted SB but spicier. Sweet Bonanza remains a game with a fun mechanic that keeps you on your toes.


Posted : 15/06/2024 3:24 pm
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Thank you for another huge giveaway! I will post another win here if I think it can win the xbet prize but this 24x will do for now 🙂 

Xbet: 24x

Casino: Vasy Casino

Replay link:


Näyttökuva 2024 6 15 kello 18.42.16


Posted : 15/06/2024 4:44 pm
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I did get a 1500x on Leovegas, but sadly they dont have the replay function and if im being honest in over a month playtime i hardly believe a 1500x is going to win any biggest x competition. The slot is fun and i feel we see the big multipliers much more often now compared to the old sweet bonanza. In my opinion buying the super bonus for 500x bet is crazy expensive and i wish it was much lower buy. Big thanks to BwB and pragmatic for such a awesome and generous promotion, much love!

Posted : 15/06/2024 6:24 pm
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Xbet: 65X




Feedback: Yeah i know its not required but i want to share my experience. Tried to get the freespins in basegame and lost over 700x without any wins over 16x. The basegame is a joke in my eyes. Just bought this bonus now, to not waste more money on this. I will never ever play this again. Good luck to all 🙂

Posted : 15/06/2024 6:31 pm
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Casino : Stake

Replay : -

Feedback: - For me it just seems like regular old sweet bonanza witha bonus buy. Never seen a big multipler all the time ive been playing . Overall not a fan , just seems like the old sweet bonanza but harder to hit wins.

Posted : 15/06/2024 7:07 pm
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