Biggest xbet win
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Biggest xbet win

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Hi everyone, mind if you share your biggest xbet win and in what slot/online casino? Mine is 5000x in Gates of Olympus

Posted : 17/04/2024 5:18 am
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Bonus Buy: 9300x on Money Train 2

With expensive extra bet (>2x cost) : 13600x on 2 Wild 2 Die

With cheap extra bet (<=2x cost): 5700x on Pearl Harbor

Without extra bet: 5700x on Tombstone Rip

Posted : 17/04/2024 8:56 am
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All 4 rounds mentioned above played on Stake

Posted : 17/04/2024 8:57 am
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i've hit a 10.0000X on book of shadows once.

Posted : 17/04/2024 9:05 am
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@hxlohar surely you play a lot of different slot, 😉

Posted : 17/04/2024 2:31 pm
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My biggest ever win was around 36000x on a folsom super bonus, 1500x buy though. Was still a massive win, over 7000eur

Posted : 18/04/2024 10:36 am
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Can't do any bonus buy, but by far the biggest one is ~1200x from Zeus vs Hades, did a 30p buy and won more than £300. Wish I could have a 5 figures x win 😣 

Posted : 18/04/2024 11:50 am
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i had 17000x on chaos crew 2. only on $0.10 tho

Posted : 30/04/2024 3:13 am
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9834x on hand of anubis and 10040x on wanted

Posted : 13/05/2024 8:37 pm
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Me 10K x on donkey and the goats by avatarux 

Posted : 14/05/2024 4:38 am