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Identical Bonus Still A Mystery

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I had seen the video of Identical Bonuses landing with EXACT SAME sequence of each symbol cascade, symbol hits, multipliers, basically it's like watching a replay of Exact Same Bonus but that's was just the start. 

The disaster struck when a YouTuber posted a video where two bonuses landeding for two Mainstream Streamers with exact same bet size and exact same bonus, X winning matching to the extent of 2 decimal points. While Push Gaming faced the heat for this and thus majority of folks and some genuine streamers started to say often that Bonuses are predetermined. Damn right they are!

Not only Push Gaming removed the video from YouTube, they censored this news from all search engines to the extent that this incident never happened. That's the integrity of these providers and they talk of certified RNG. Being a responsible gambler for 15 years, I will call it PNG, Predictive Number Generator. Ultimately, these bonuses have to created, they don't just throw those wins or 10xs etc. just like that. 

I am glad to be associated with a community that calls Spade a Spade. I was surprised and glad at the same time when I searched for this incident, ONLY Bigwinboard's link came up explaining the entire incident however, as you may see in the link below, the Video is Unavailable.

Keep up the great work @admin! We are proud of you.

Posted : 28/06/2023 10:49 am
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Yesterday I just experienced two identical spins on Nitropolis 4 (ELK studios).

Both begins with 2 scatters in the first two reels, plus 4 reels of tease effect that fails and landing the exact same symbols.

I was shocked.

Posted : 03/08/2023 5:39 am