Gold Mine Mistress

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

Red Tiger

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150% up to $3000
Up to 25% Rakeback

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly


5 BTC / €2k / $2k Bonus
Up to 60% rakeback

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

rant casino

€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
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100% up to 1 BTC
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18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

Gold Mine Mistress: Slot Overview

When you hear the words 'mining slot', what are the images that flit instantly across the screen of the mind? Bearded prospectors, gems, gold nuggets, subterranean grottos where minerals are plucked from the Earth, pick axes? All of these can be found in Red Tiger's online slot, Gold Mine Mistress, and a whole lot more. Combining mining with some sort of fairy tale story, this game also packs in a mysterious mistress figure and a mysterious Apple, where 'Gold is never enough' is the catchphrase. So what is enough?

Down in the pits of the planet we go, but Gold Mine Mistress avoids being a complete cliche of a mining slot. For some reason, and it's not entirely clear why, the main character is a raven-haired mistress type, attended to by a group of bearded mining characters. One chap tinkers away at a workstation near the gaming grid; whatever he might be doing isn't clear either. It's rather a puzzling game if you ponder too hard about it. Like abstract art, it might be better to take Gold Mine Mistress at face value and just nod sagely at the accompanying explanation, pretending to grasp what the artist was striving for.

Gold Mine Mistress slot
Gold Mine Mistress slot - base game

Gold Mine Mistress' play area is a 5x3 grid, paying out for landing winning combinations from left to right across any of its 20 paylines. Players can take part in the game by choosing a stake of 10 c per spin, up to $/€4 at the most. With a highly volatile math model, Gold Mine Mistress has an default RTP of 95.74%.

It also has 8 regular paying symbols. The lower value pays are 4 gem symbols, while the higher value pays are 4 mining character symbols. Landing a line of 5 identical gems awards 5 times the bet, or landing 5 matching premium character symbols pays out 10 to 50 times the bet.

Gold Mine Mistress: Slot Features

Gold Mine Mistress slot
Gold Mine Mistress slot - Golden Nugget

Gold Mine Mistress is a slot that delivers spins in the base game in set batches, doing something special on the final spin of the series. In this instance, the final spin is guaranteed to end up as a win. The game also has unlimited free spins, ending when a Mistress and an Apple land in the same position.

Work Shift

Each spin is numbered from 1 to 8, and a counter above the reels helps you keep track. For the first 7 spins, a Gold Nugget may hit on the middle reel. Each Gold Nugget that lands is collected by a progress bar above the reels. Collecting one or more Gold Nuggets will make the Mistress Wild appear on the 8th spin. The 8th spin is guaranteed to produce a win eventually. If a win does not occur on the 8th spin, respins are awarded till a winning one occurs. If present, the Mistress Wild will be held for the respin.

Mistress Wild

The Mistress Wild varies in size, and it may carry a win multiplier that applies to any wins in which the wild is part of. Wilds substitute for all paying symbols. The number of Gold Nuggets collected in the base game determines the form of the Mistress Wild.

  • 1 Gold Nugget - the Mistress Wild is 1x1 in size.
  • 2 Gold Nuggets - the Mistress Wild is 1x1 in size with an x2 win multiplier.
  • 3 Gold Nuggets - the Mistress Wild is 1x1 in size with an x3 win multiplier.
  • 4 Gold Nuggets - the Mistress Wild is 1x3 in size with an x2 win multiplier.
  • 5 Gold Nuggets - the Mistress Wild is 1x3 in size with an x3 win multiplier.
  • 6 Gold Nuggets - the Mistress Wild is 1x3 in size with an x10 win multiplier.
  • 7 Gold Nuggets - the Mistress Wild is 1x3 in size with an x50 win multiplier.

Free Spins

Landing an Apple scatter on the rightmost reel on the 8th spin triggers unlimited free spins. The Apple may only appear on the 8th spin of the Work Shift. At the start of the bonus round, the Apple becomes a small marker overlay symbol on a random position on the rightmost reel. On each free spin, the Apple moves position. It goes randomly through each position on a given reel before moving to a random position on the reel to the left. If it moves through all positions on the leftmost reel, it starts again on a random position on the rightmost reel. Mistress Wild symbols may hit on the middle three reels in any variations from the base game. If 2 or more Mistress Wilds holding multipliers appear in a win, their multipliers are multiplied. The round ends when a Mistress Wild appears in the same position as the Apple marker.

Gold Mine Mistress slot
Gold Mine Mistress slot - free spins

Gold Mine Mistress: Slot Verdict

Slots that cycle through a set number of spins, building up a modifying feature before letting it go on the final spin, have an inbuilt compulsion to them. This is because you know the precise moment in the future when something special may or may not happen. Gold Mine Mistress amplifies this effect because the final spin is guaranteed to be a winner or at least trigger respins until a winner occurs - while a wild of up to 1x3 in size may be locked in place, with up to a multiplier of x50. It's not a bad event to look forward to, helping encourage just one more round of 8 Work Shift spins, just to see what happens. If a collection of nuggets builds up along the way, all the better.

Free spins are more random by comparison. There, any combination of Mistress Wilds may appear on the middle 3 reels, including those with multipliers. Red Tiger twists the random dial further by not granting a set number of free spins but letting the enigmatic emerald Apple roam about the grid. Keep it away from a Mistress Wild's position, and you're good. Land them on the same spot, be it early on in the piece or on the 20th spin or more, and it's round over. Within this set of loose and controlled gaming components, Gold Mine Mistress can mine its way to wins of up to a cap of 20,000 times the bet. Gold Mine Mistress is one of the higher potential slots in the Red Tiger range, in other words.

Therefore, if tramping beneath the Earth on a make-believe quest to find precious stones or metals alongside a group of grizzled miners, as well as a strong independent mistress, in an unorthodox mining slot delivering batches of spins, guaranteed wins, and sizeable potential appeals, Gold Mine Mistress could be the choice to do for.


Gold Mine Mistress has a considerable level of replayability, although its unconventional gameplay might not appeal to all players.

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