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tsars – The charity project

Giving to charity and donate money for a good cause is most often a great thing to do. Although, if you really want to make a difference in the world it might be easier if you do this with some friends or a team of people that want to do the same thing. Today we will talk with a big donator that is combining gambling and charity in an interesting way. Many of you that read this have most likely heard the name before. Today we got the luck to have an interview with them and talk to them about their charity project.

The idea of this combination by

First off we are of course interested to know about how you can get an idea like this because it’s not the most common combination. So, we asked to tell us about how they got the idea and why they are doing it. tells us that they wanted to do something for the climate and environment in the world and that is not an easy task. When we first started this project we knew that we needed funds to be able to help out and donate to the right places says.

The perfect thing was that everyone in our team back then had a burning passion for online gambling and for the climate question. Of course, this sounds like an odd combination, but we wanted to make something out of it and we did say

So how does your project work and how can you help the climate?

Now we are curious and we need to know manage to pull this off and make it work. starts by saying that through their affiliate website with various casino reviews, such as the Tropicana online casino review. When someone registers through our website and plays at that online casino we will get a commission for that. Then we take 100% of the income from commissions and donate that to charity for climate change.

They also said that they knew that it would take some good amounts of money to actually make a difference. But their team has in one way or the other long experience in the casino industry and they knew that this idea was going to help them do what they are motivated to do. says that even if your idea is not an ordinary idea, you have to try it to know if it will work or not and keep the motivation up. When we can feel that we are actually making a difference and help the world out in the way we want, it feels really good says.

We at Bigwinboard get inspired and thinks it’s really cool how someone can come up with this kind of combination and make it work. We want to give a big thanks to for giving this interview and wish them the best of luck in the future with what they are doing.

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