Hammer Gods

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

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Hammer Gods: Slot Overview

If you've had a bash on the PlayStation game God of War, you'll probably be aware of the two brothers Sindri and Brok, who forged Kratos' axe Leviathan. The two metallurgically inclined siblings can be found further back in Norse mythology, where they are noted in the Skáldskaparmál as the pair who crafted Thor's infamous hammer Mjolnir following a bet with Loki. Some speculate Loki appeared in the form of a fly to distract the brothers as they created the weapon, which is why the hammer's handle was shorter than planned. They say size doesn't matter, and we all know how devastating Mjolnir could be.

Players can find plenty of Thor and Mjolnir slots, but few are based on the brothers who crafted his hammer. Developer Red Tiger rebalances the scales in a slot called Hammer Gods, starring Brokkr and Sindri, alongside two hammer triggered symbols and a round of free spins. Hammer Gods starts well, presenting a 5x4 sized grid played using 30 paylines, wedged between the two muscle-bound brothers as they pound the daylights out of glowing slabs of metal. A forge sits beneath the metal wrought reels, and a plodding soundtrack creates a strong mythological environment to try your luck. The positive first impressions are of a heavy-duty slot to really sink your teeth into. However, there is a good chance enthusiasm withers once you've fully absorbed all the details from the paytable.

Hammer Gods slot

This is where, for the demanding gambler, Hammer God starts to lose its sheen. Playable from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin, the first culprit is volatility, and the high rating feels at odds with the lowish potential. Not exactly a case of high risk/high reward in spite of the hardman attitude Hammer Gods is trying to exude. Default RTP isn't so much of a jolt at 95.69%, though the low max win figure of 793x is only slightly more enticing than taking repeated hammer blows to a knee cap.

Five lumps of ore make up the low-value symbols, while amulets, rings, belt buckles, gauntlets, and helmets are used for the premiums. Manage to land a five-symbol combo of high-value symbols and a payout of 2 to 8 times the stake is awarded. This rises to 10x the bet when five wild symbols hit, and wilds also substitute for all paying symbols to complete lines.

Hammer Gods: Slot Features

Hammer Gods slot

In Hammer Gods, each brother has their own feature triggered when one of the 1x2 non-paying hammer symbols lands on the reels. The red hammer only appears on the 2nd reel, while the blue hammer only shows up on the 4th reel.

Landing the red hammer triggers the Brokkr feature up to 3 times, then it turns wild. When this feature is active, all low paying symbols are turned into a single high paying symbol type. If triggered consecutive times, one high paying symbol type is transformed into a better value high paying symbol type.

Landing the blue hammer triggers the Sindri feature, also up to 3 times before it turns wild. When the Sindri feature is activated, one high paying symbol type is transformed into wild symbols. Following triggers will pick another high-value symbol, turning them wild as well.

If both red and blue hammers land at the same time, then 10 free spins are awarded. Hammer symbols do not appear during free spins, but one, two or three of the feature activations mentioned above are guaranteed on each spin instead. Since hammers are removed, the bonus round cannot be retriggered.

Hammer Gods: Slot Verdict

They say first impressions last, yet this isn't always the case. Hammer Gods is a good example of a game that appears brutal upfront but is kept on a tight leash behind the scenes. Hey, some go for the hard man exterior with a marshmallow core. If so, great, here's a slot which is exactly that. Otherwise, the math model and max win will be disappointing and feel mismatched with Hammer God's presentation. For many, this is doughnut gaming, tempting on the outside, empty in the middle.

This leads us to one of Hammer Gods' biggest stumbling blocks which is its potential of just 793x the bet. This is unusually low, even for one of these sort of lite Red Tiger games, and sure to instantly turn off many players accustomed to chasing significant wins. It's just not that kind of game.

Still, with the right expectations, free spins can be fun since there is always something firing or just about to, due to guaranteed feature activations on each spin. Just be aware, even if the brothers beat every ingot of metal in the joint into shape, the rewards aren't going to be anywhere near Valhalla level.

After a run-through, there were several positive takeaways, from the muscular graphics to the dense myth-based vibe. Features aren't hugely sophisticated, yet they tie to the theme and occasionally pepper the screen with high pays or wilds. Still, the tail-chasing gets disheartening after a while because you know Hammer Gods isn't the sort of slot that is really going to blow sideways, and even if it hits its max capacity, the rewards are unusually modest. Sticking with God of War metaphors, it's unlikely Kratos would bother battling anyone like Sigrún, or even Baldur, for these riches.


Hammer Gods’ low potential/high volatility combo undermine its otherwise phenomenal audiovisual presentation.

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