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Juiced DuoMax: Slot Overview

What sounds like the latest anabolic steroid to hit the street is actually the title of an online slot from Yggdrasil Gaming partner Bulletproof Games. Juiced DuoMax is a game that sees the use of a relatively uncommon mechanic (the DuoMax doohickie), let off the leash to run wild in a beachside bar location. We say uncommon, but this isn't the first time DuoMax has graced screens; this honour goes to Florageddon! DuoMax, a slot that is very different in terms of mood and theme. Juiced DuoMax is a much more laid-back seaside game, so better bring your swimmers and some sunblock if you're planning on taking it for a spin.

Or not, if your idea of hanging out at the beach is making the most of the shade provided by a nearby drinking establishment. Conveniently, Bulletproof Games has paired beach with bar, so its 5-reel gaming panel spins next to a Happy Hour sign and a cocktail glass while the background is made up of palm trees and surf. Casino game makers do like their palm trees, and an extra whack of relaxation is provided by the ukulele-led backing track. Let's say Juiced DuoMax might be an acquired taste. Its low-energy vibe could be just what you're looking for to aid in kicking back, or it could be boring as heck. For the majority of the time, it was the latter.

Juiced DuoMax slot
Juiced DuoMax slot - base game

To get started, players may select a stake of 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin to get the ball rolling, so to speak. With its highly volatile math model at odds with its low-key atmosphere, Juiced DuoMax pours out a default theoretical default return to player value of 96%, seemingly whether betting on individual spins or buying free spins. As well as 5 reels, it's got 3 rows of symbols and 20 paylines which pay both ways – left to right from the leftmost side and right to left from the rightmost side. Winning combinations contain 3 to 5 matching symbols and hit at a frequency of 22.22%.

Winning symbols pop off the gaming board after being evaluated, leaving spaces on the reels. These spaces are filled by symbols dropping down, thereby creating new chances of winning. When no new win shows, a sequence of cascades ends. As for symbols, fruit dominates Juiced DuoMax's pay table, where we find 5 low pays and 5 high pays appearing to be fruit of some kind. Yes, coconuts are technically a fruit, falling into the category of 'drupes', which are fruit with flesh on the inside, surrounded by a hard shell. Thank you, internet. Hitting 5 matching low pays awards 5 to 6 times the bet, while the same result but made up of high pays is worth 8 to 50 times the bet. Wilds help out by substituting for any regular pay symbols when they land in view.

Juiced DuoMax: Slot Features

Juiced DuoMax slot
Juiced DuoMax slot - free spins

Time to squeeze some juice from Juiced DuoMax's features, where players come across cascades and Happy Hour free spins played on two sets of reels.

Happy Hour

In addition to the cascade mechanic, whenever a pop occurs, the Happy Hour meter sitting next to the reels increases its count by +1. When the Happy Hour meter reaches 35, the Happy Hour bonus round is triggered. Now, 5 free spins are awarded when the round starts, which is played on two reel sets rather than just one. Also, there are 4 sets of multipliers, 2 for each reel. The multiplier to the left of a reel applies to left-to-right wins, while the value to the right of a reel set applies to right-to-left wins. For both-way wins, the left and right multipliers are added together. Every win increases a multiplier. A left-to-right win increases the multiplier on the left side of a reel, right-to-left wins increase the right multiplier, and both ways wins increase both multipliers (2 multipliers for each reel set). Multipliers start at x1 and do not reset till the round ends.

Buy A Bonus

Buy A Bonus lets players buy the free spins round, with four options at hand. For 50x the bet, you can get 5 free spins, 100x the bet buys 7 free spins, 200x the bet buys 10 free spins, or 80x the bet randomly awards 5, 7, or 10 free spins.

Juiced DuoMax slot
Juiced DuoMax slot - free spins

Juiced DuoMax: Slot Verdict

DuoMax hasn't hit the same headlines as the more widespread DoubleMax feature, and sorry to say, it doesn't feel like Juiced DuoMax is fated to be a breakout slot which will find major acclaim. Juiced DuoMax certainly is not as interesting nor as polished as Florageddon! DuoMax was. One of the issues with DuoMax in this game is that you never actually see it in action during the base game, so it spends a significant amount of time lurking in the background like a nervous suitor trying to build up enough courage to speak to the object of their desire. Compare this to Florageddon! Or the DoubleMax mechanic, which increases a multiplier on each win, generally adding a wild symbol during the cascade process. In DoubleMax games (and Florageddon!), the feature sits front and centre, getting plenty of facetime while working its magic.

Fast forward to Juiced DuoMax's bonus round then, where the DuoMax system gets its time to shine. However, the funny thing about it is that despite adding an additional gaming grid, there's also a dilution effect happening as well. Instead of pouring everything into one grid's win multipliers, the four multipliers are fed depending on which way the win pays or both ways. It's different and can still produce hits up to 5,899x the bet, plus the party themes are amusing, but the insane increasing multiplier ride it's possible to be lashed onto in a DoubleMax game, by comparison, was missing.

Everyone's definition of a party is different, though, so if you prefer a bacchanalian extravaganza, chaotic like an inebriated circus troop given a night off, there are probably better slot options out there - Super Fruit Smash or Tropicool 2 are a couple of beach-based alternatives that came to mind. On the other hand, if a low-key, predictable, slow-paced afternoon with work acquaintances you haven't really clicked with yet type slot experience appeals, then Juiced DuoMax might be a match.


For a beach bar game, Juiced DuoMax spends a lot of time waiting around for happy hour to kick in.

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