Jungle Books (Yggdrasil)

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We’re always excited to see releases from the Swedish giant Yggdrasil. After a couple of fairly bleek summer slots they seem to be on the right path again with the release of Rainbow Ryan, a fun slot with syncronized reels and big potentials.

On 20th September Yggdrasil rolls out their new game Jungle Books and not much is known about it yet, but we’re going to share what we do know. First of all, by the apparence of the characters, the game is obviously not based on the Disney characters, which of course was expected but just to make things clear.

There seems to have been some confusion regarding the title as well. At first it was promoted as The Jungle Book, but in recent promotion material the title has been changed to Jungle Books. It’s likely Yggdrasil may have ran into some licensing/copyright issues since there are big movie and gaming companies owning the rights to the use of the name and they may be reluctant to be associated with the gambling industry as it is still very much stigmatized.

So, the game itself then, what is it about? Well, we haven’t seen a promotional video for the game yet but we found this image giving us a little insight to the layout and graphics:

As you can see the layout is quite typical for the company and can be identified as Yggdrasil pretty much straight away. There’s a couple of interesting looking buttons on there as well indicating that there may be options to activate different functions within the gameplay.

Yggdrasil themselves presents the slot this way:

This wild game has 3 reel shapes, 5 characters, 10 features and 45 possible feature combinations! All this is possible thanks to Yggdrasil’s revolutionary Fusion Realms mechanic, which seamlessly mixes different features and reel sets to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

What it will be called and what the Fusion Realms mechanics will do to our wallets we’ll get to see on September 20.


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