We List our Top 5 Slots of All Time

We’re being flooded with new slots and everytime we log in to play slots we’re greeted by new additions. But despite this many, if not most, people stick to a handful of games they call favorites. This is our list of favorite slots.

Chances are you will disagree because the type of slots you like is very subjective of course. There are even psychological factors to concider as well as differences in the habits of genders. While female gamblers tend to play slots as a leisure, a way to relax after a long day at work, men are more competative by nature going for the high volatile slots in chase of the big wins or turning to table games requiring some strategic thinking.

We humans are creatures of habit and while most of us enjoy trying out new slots once in a while we eventually find our way back to our favorite games. Below we’re going to list our all time top 5 favorite slots and explain why.

Immortal Romance (Microgaming)

This game was released in December 2011 and has become one of the most iconic of all slots amongst online casino gamblers. It’s almost hard to put into words how brilliant and ingenious this game is and we can’t really think of anything that could improve it in terms of its design and action packed features. You could always argue that the odds could be better, but then again, these are the type of high volatile games that hardcore gamblers love. For a lucky few to be able to win the big money, someone has to sponsor it.

Youtube video above with the Amber theme track.

The first thing that comes to mind is the soundtrack, which has to be the best slot soundtrack in the history of casino without competition. Microgaming being secretive and all, it was speculated the band Evanescence were the recording artists. But it turns out Microgaming hired unknown musicians to record the music. While all of it is great, it’s especially the Amber and Sarah themes that stands out. If you want to download the whole soundtrack it’s available for free on the offical Immortal Romance site here.

Everything else about this slot is just as great and it somehow succeeds to tell us a story with the help of the five characters Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah, despite the lack of words. The mathematics of the game is well balanced between base game and bonus and there is potential everywhere you turn. Even in the base game you could potentially win over 14,000 times the bet with the help of a full screen Wild Desire.

Weäve played many slots but we simply cannot find any that is as complete as this one. You must remember though that it’s a very high volatile game and thus hard to beat. If Immortal Romance is in good mood it can work very well to grind some wagering with, but most of the times it will just grind your balance down. The only negative thing we can say about this, and we’re not so sure it’s really a negative thing, is that they might have over done it with the scatter tease. On the other hand it does work to add some excitement to the game. But it gives an unfair impression of it being easier to trigger the bonus than it really is.

Play Immortal Romance on: Kaboo, Rizk and Betspin

Dead or Alive (NetEnt)

We’re staying in the land of high volatility and this one sits in the front of the class. Dead or Alive was released in May 2009 and just recently got a face lift during the transicion from Flash to html5. Many claims that it’s not playing like it used to and that it has been tinkered with making it more difficult to hit a wild line. This is not our experience however. Fact is that we’ve been getting wild lines like never before. We do notice that 5 of a kind hats for example seems to occur more often, but it’s hard to draw any conclusions on a relatively small amount of spins accumulated by only one player.

The slot itself may not be the pretties in the family of slots and to be honest it can be quite redundant, why it might seem odd for us to place it second in our top list. But there is still something magical about it and it’s just not because of it’s insanely high potential. If you like sticky wilds, this is the game for you and in our opinion no one has managed to do it was well as here.

In the base game there is a max win potential of 2500 times the bet if you managed to land 5 scatter symbols. Think about that for a second. That’s 1125€ on a 45 cent bet. But this only occurs in about 1 per 1 million spins so don’t expect it to hit once per week.

Like in most, if not all games, the bonus is the really interesting part here with a potential of over 10,000 times the bet. You can get not only single wild lines, but double and even triple, each wild line paying 600 times the bet per spin. If you get wilds on all 5 reels you’ll be awarded 5 extra spins.

It’s obviously very hard to get a wild line on this game and it all comes down to timing. You simply have to be at the right place at the right time and while some seem to trigger wild lines left to right, other’s never succeeds despite years of playing it.

One thing is for sure however. There are few things in any game that beats the feeling of having a wild line and you will never forget your first! That’s why Dead or Alive get’s a place on list of best slots in history.

Play Dead or Alive on: LeoVegas, Lapalingo and Casilando

Bonanza (Big Time Gaming)

The Australian developer Big Time Gaming knows what gamblers want. They have specialized solely on super high volatile slots like never seen before and with each new release they compete with themselves to make it even more crazy. Lacking in numbers when looking at their slot catalogue, they make it up in quality but one game that has become the very essence of what BTG stands for is Bonanza. From what we’ve seen it’s the game that’s been trending the most on forums around the world and not the least in the casino streaming community.

The game has stunning graphics and keeps you interested. The hillbilly inspired banjo music may seem psychotic at first, but you get used to it sooner than you’d think. It might sound contradictory but if you are in it for the fun and as means of leisure you can get a lot of value for the money, even if leaving with empty pockets. The game can despite being ultra high volatile keep you going for quite a while in chase of the bonus which is insanely hard to trigger most of the times.

There’s really not much to hope for in the base game though to be perfectly honest and it’s all about the bonus, but the feeling of triggering the bonus in a game that we’ve seen can produce wins of over 16,000 times the bet is exciting to say the least. Juices start flowing as the multiplier keeps growing!

Play Bonanza on: Leovegas, Videoslots and SlotsMillion

Game of Thrones 243 (Microgaming)

Another 243 liner from Microgaming, something they do very well. The game was released in December 2014 and like Immortal Romance there is great potential in both base game and bonus. There are stacked wilds everywhere in this game and heart skips a beat everytime you see them flash by. There is also a scatter bonus which can come in handy both in the base game and even more so in the bonus.

In the bonus you are left with 4 options, all with slightly different volatility – Baratheon (8 spins, 5x multiplier), Lannister (10 spins, 4x multiplier), Stark (14 spins, 3x multiplier), Targaryen (18 spins, 2x multiplier). There is an insane potential in more or less all the bonuses, but the truly adventurous gambler goes all in on Baratheon.

Play Game of Thrones 243 on: Larry, ChanceHill and 21Casino

Montezuma (WMS)

Montezuma is a true classic originally known from the world of land based casinos where it takes 3 scatter wheels in the bonus to get a retrigger as compated to the online version where 2 will suffice. The odds at the land based casinos are stacked even more against you for the simple reason of having more expenses than their online cousins.

Montezuma was released in May 2014 and has become one of the most popular and most played on of all slots. This game has all the excitement you need and there are chances of having an almost unlimited amount of retriggers in the bonus. We’ve seen people have over 350 spins in the bonus!

The base game however is not the most exciting out there but may be kind enough to give you some play time while looking for the bonus. But there really is no potential in the base game so expect no miracles. Not even 5 scatters makes much difference awarding you only 10 times your bet. But the sound of triggering the bonus when the wheels hit…oh boy.

It doesnt matter if you start the bonus with 3 or 25 wins – with the help of retriggers anything can happen from there adding both multipliers and extra spins. The game doesn’t really seem to have the potential of the ones previously mentioned, even though in theory it should, but with a 10x multiplier in the bonus and a bunch of retriggers it can go nuts.

The game lands on our list because it’s such an iconic and classic game and because we love playing it! It’s an attractive looking game and the bonus, which is not impossible to trigger, can be extremely entertaining.

Play Montezuma on: Thrills, Kaboo and SuperLenny

It would be fun to see what your top 5 list of favorite game looks like. Please comment here and let us know!


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