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Love Joker: Slot Overview

You might have heard of a baker's dozen, but it's unlikely you've heard of a joker's dozen – until now. That somewhat lame intro is our way of teeing up Love Joker, the twelfth game in Play'n GO's clearly popular Joker range of slots. If you've been following the series this far, it probably won't matter a whole lot what we're going to say in this review; you are no doubt going to put the game through its paces regardless. For anyone else curious to know what the heck Play'n GO has managed to come up with this time, buckle in for a bit of joker steeped gaming.

To provide personality, Play' n GO has made the leading man in this game a Love Joker though it's not made clear what that means or who the object of his infatuation might be. Judging the joker on a superficial level, he kind of looks like a mix of Lord Farquaad and Prince Charming from Shrek. Let's hope he's not as devious as either one of those movie characters, though his facial expression gives the impression he's holding something back to prank people with at a later stage. Fortunately, instead of punking unsuspecting players, this Love Joker is the gatekeeper of the game's features, so you'll want him to hit.

love joker slot

Love Joker is a straight-up 3x3, 5-payline video slot, simply set up and simply presented. Burgundy reels are surrounded by a purple pixelated background, which might be an outrageous combination of colours to wear in real life, but it works pretty well in Love Joker. It's also a well-oiled production, this being Play'n GO and all, so for the brightly lit taste of Vegas these sorts of slots are famed for, Love Joker makes an okay candidate.

Medium volatile and available to play on any device, stakes can be set from a budget-friendly 5 p/c to $/€100. A rather low potential slot, Love Joker is better suited to players who don't want a raging maniac of a game. The base rule couldn't be easier; hit three matching symbols on a payline across all three reels to collect a bunch of coins. This leads to a default return to player value of 96.2%, though possibly dropping as low as the mid-80s in certain markets.

Symbols, like everything else in Love Joker, are about as uncomplicated as it gets. Five symbols make up the paytable, including cherries, lemons, plums, single 7s, and double 7s. Values for this lot vary from 1x the bet to 10x. There are no wilds either, so it's down to the Love Joker symbol to break players out of the base game treadmill.

Love Joker: Slot Features

love joker slot

Appearing on the middle reel is the Love Joker scatter. When it lands, it triggers Love Spins. During Love Spins, only hearts or golden hearts may land on the reels. All other symbols are removed. As long as either type of heart lands on a Love Spin, the feature will continue to run.

Hearts are collected in the Heart Collector, and filling its 5 positions advances the prize bar to the next level. Moreover, Golden Hearts are collected on the Golden Heart collector, which doubles all prize bar values and makes the prize bar advance to the next level. Hearts are collected from the triggering spin, and once the feature ends, the achieved prize is awarded.

Love Joker: Slot Verdict

Despite being an impressive run, Play'n GO mustn't consider twelve to be a major milestone because it has hardly gone large to celebrate the number. Love Joker is basic in just about every way, which is the point sure and will undoubtedly be the bee's knees for some players while boring the pantaloons off others. Really, there's not a ton of feedback to give about Love Joker; it'll be obvious from a screenshot whether it's a fit or not. Play'n GO's Joker range has a longevity that defies logical thought at times, and Love Joker doesn't do anything to change this perspective.

The base game is what it is, a jazzy, fruity romp on repeat while waiting around for the Love Joker to land with his wavy blonde locks and get the party started. Well, the get-together, or meet up, or however you classify this low thrills bonus game. There are a few bucks to be had when the collecting symbols feature cranks up, with an emphasis here on 'few'. At best, when heart symbols are popping harder than being friend-zoned on Valentine's Day, the most you are going to walk away from Love Joker with is around 1,000 times the stake. Not diabolical for this sort of game, perhaps, but hardly the stuff of dreams.

Then again, Love Joker isn't a slot you play to chase the big bucks. It's an amusing diversion for players keen on rudimentary gaming, which doesn't present any taxing speedbumps. For some no-thinking, bang on the button gaming, which doesn't go very far, it's a why not for players into this form of entertainment. Elsewise don't bother. The question now is, with twelve Joker slots in the bag now, here's to the next dozen?


Like the game’s main character, Love Joker either comes across as charming or cheesy depending on how you view low potential three-reel slots.

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