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Lucky Fridays: Overview

Developer Red Tiger pays homage to the humble working week in their slot Lucky Fridays. For the majority of the time, gaming takes place in a generic office. Then, for a brief moment, Party Time is activated where players benefit from increased symbol values while also gaining access to several other features.

When the game loads, players are presented with a view which will be familiar for many. The background image is a desk covered in office paraphernalia such as staplers, pencils, document holders, tape, and the most crucial item of all, a cup of coffee. In the centre of the screen, the 5 reel, 30-payline grid sits in a computer monitor. Some players may shudder at the thought of voluntarily spending any extra time looking at this view.

Lucky Friday is played in two modes – regular weekday spins and Party Time. Each spin advances the hour on a digital clock. This clock sits below the reels, so you always know what time it is and how long you’ve got until you can party. Standard spins last from Monday 08:00 until Friday 18:00. Once you hit this time, the game switches to Party Mode where the features finally become active.

Lucky Fridays may be played on any device, offering bets of 10 p/c to £/€20 per spin. Keep in mind, changing bets resets the clock to Monday 08:00. Of course, if you go back to the original bet, you pick up where your progress was left off.

As is often the case with Red Tiger, RTP is slightly below the average at 95.77%, while volatility sits in the medium/high region. Potential is modest, so on the whole, Lucky Fridays produces the kind of stats you often find in a Red Tiger product.

All symbols here are custom made, consisting of low pay objects and high pay people. Low pays include a cologne bottle, wallet + keys, dress shoes, sunglasses, and an expensive watch. A five of a kind combination in this grouping is worth 1x to 2.5x the bet. The premium symbols are your fellow party people – two guys and two gals. Full line wins here are worth from 4x to 10x the bet.

The wild symbol rounds this section off, depicting one of the least commuter-friendly cars possible. What looks like a red Lamborghini substitutes for any other symbol to form winning combinations. It is also the most valuable symbol of the lot where five on a line returns 20 times your bet – in both game modes.

Lucky Fridays: Features

lucky fridays red tiger
Lucky Fridays feature triggered

Every Friday, when the clock hits 18:00 sharp, players are out the door, and it’s time to party. The game shifts into Party Time mode, changing the background image to one more exciting than a computer on a cluttered desk.

Another change is that the high paying symbols put on party clothes, smoke cigars, wear leis, and sip vino. On a more tangible note, the high pay symbols also increase in value. During Party Time, a line of six premiums is worth 11 to 15 times the stake.

Not only that, but players get the chance to trigger three modifier extras during Party Time. Any of these features may trigger randomly on any Party Time spin.

  • Party Reels removes all low paying symbols for the chance of a bigger premium win.
  • Wild Party drops wilds of up to 3x3 in size onto the reels in random positions.
  • Multiplier Party rolls one or two dice for a multiplier of up to x12 which is applied to the next win.

All good things come to an end eventually, and like Cinderella at the ball, Party Time finishes at midnight. Then it’s back to Monday morning, nursing hangovers and catching up with the goss at the water cooler.

Lucky Fridays: Verdict

In many ways, playing Lucky Fridays parallels a normal working week - stuck in an office Monday to Friday counting down the clock, then trying to stuff as much fun as possible into the weekend. That is certainly the case in Lucky Fridays because, for 55 feature-less spins, not a whole lot happens. It’s a case of clock watching while powering through to get to the good bits.

Then, it’s up to those few Party Time spins to make up for it. Sometimes they went okay, a couple of bonus features were thrown in to spit out a decent win. Then there were some Party Time sessions where only a couple of random wilds appeared on one spin. Then it’s back to Monday 8 am again, staring at the clock, knowing you’ve got five days to solider through before Friday night. It’s almost too close to reality. After playing Lucky Fridays for a while, you start craving something which offers more escapism.

Then again, maybe Lucky Fridays isn’t just a slot, but a critique on modern life. Is this a crushing indictment of the five day toil/2 day blitz much of humanity is squeezed through for a significant portion of the lives? One nice touch is that people symbols are worth more during Party Spins when they’re having fun. It’s as if the game is saying people shouldn’t be judged by the size of the cog they are in the capitalist wheel.

Then again, this is a slot we are dealing with and not a super enjoyable one. Fun moments occur during a real-life workweek, so it would have been nice if Red Tiger had squeezed a feature or two into the standard mode. There is too much emphasis on Party Time compared to the majority of work week spins. When Friday night comes crashing to an end, and Party Time wasn’t great, it’s easy to hand in your resignation rather than face another five day grind.


Like a normal workweek, not much occurs in Lucky Fridays until the weekend hits, then again, not a whole lot happens there either unfortunately.

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