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Midnight Romance: Slot Overview

Wasn't there a time, not so long ago, when if you wanted to forge a new meaningful connection, keep it casual, or make a friend, you had to do it in the window they call real life rather than swipe left or right? How quaint it all seems now, not that we're judging either method, both approaches have their merits. After all, in the non-human world, it seems like one of nature's main tactics for reproduction is to sling out as much DNA as often as possible in the hopes that it will replicate and keep the fam growing. And so, in this romantic frame of mind, let's check out Midnight Romance, software provider Red Tiger's hook-up-themed online slot.

If someone was looking for a late-night hookup, they'd do well to avoid the joint in Midnight Romance. The background is completely empty, totally devoid of patrons, people, and options. It does sound pretty swingy, though. However, the character symbols (plus the game in general) did trigger memories of those cheesy late-night softcore adult TV shows that might flash a butt or a boob on the screen but never full frontal. Sorry, Midnight Romance, if you were aiming for a more high-brow niche. Moving right along.

Midnight Romance slot
Midnight Romance slot - base game

One thing you will notice about Midnight Romance pretty quickly is the fenced-off zone in the middle of the 5-reel gaming grid. One space is forever taken up by the leading lady of the game, while the two adjacent spaces trigger features when certain symbols land there. Each reel is equipped with 3 rows and is covered in 20 paylines, where winning combinations pay left to right from the leftmost reel. Winning potential sits at the higher end of the Red Tiger spectrum with bet levels of 10 c to $/€4 to match. Low to medium volatile, the default RTP is 96%.

Chrome steel 10-A card royals are Midnight Romance's low pay symbol batch, while its higher value lot is a car key, makeup items, handbag, Sportsman guy, Musician guy, and Businessman guy premiums. Hitting 5 identical royals pays 2.5 to 3 times the stake, 5 of the mid objects are worth 4 to 7.5 times the bet, whereas 5 identical men symbols award 25 times the bet. Wild symbols appear in various forms, more info on them shortly, but no matter the type, they are able to substitute all paying symbols, and a line of 5 wilds pays 25 times the bet.

Midnight Romance: Slot Features

Midnight Romance slot
Midnight Romance slot - free spins

Shaken or stirred in Midnight Romance's cocktail are shakers, promotions, men symbol features, and free spins.

Shakers and Promotions

Two neon signs showing Cocktail and Multiplier Promotions are placed above the reels. They may change randomly on each spin and affect all shaker symbols that land on the spin. The Cocktail Promotion shows either a short or a tall glass. When it shows a short glass, all shaker symbols landing on the spin turn into Cocktail Wilds. If it shows a tall glass, they become Super Cocktail Wilds of 1x3 in size, covering the whole reel.

The Multiplier Promotion shows a value of x1 to x10. If the multiplier is higher than x1, it gets applied to all Cocktail Wilds the shaker transforms into and applies to wins the Cocktail Wilds participate in. Only one multiplier applies even if more than one Cocktail Wild with a multiplier is part of the win.

Bonus Features

  • Pretty Woman - The Pretty Woman is a wild that is always in the grid's central position. On either side of the Pretty Woman are two neon-framed positions. Landing one of the men symbols in a framed position triggers their respective feature.
  • Sportsman Bonus - When a Sportsman symbol lands in a frame, all Sportsman symbols present on the reels turn wild, and the one in the frame clones itself vertically.
  • Businessman Bonus - Landing a Businessman symbol in a frame turns all Businessman symbols in view into wilds with x3 win multipliers. Multipliers are applied to all win lines they participate in. If more than one Businessman wilds participates in a win line, only one of the multipliers is applied to the win. If a Businessman wild and a Cocktail Wild with a multiplier are part of the same win, their multipliers are multiplied.
  • Musician Bonus - When a Musician symbol lands in a frame, all Musician symbols on the reels become wild. If this does not create a win, all wilds are held, and a respin is triggered. Respins continue until a win is formed. Any new wild landing on a respin is held. Additionally, the Cocktail Promotion always shows a tall glass in respins, and if there are any Cocktail Wilds 1x1 in size on the reels, they grow to 1x3 Super Cocktail Wilds. The Multiplier Promotion does not change during respins.

Free Spins

Landing 2 men symbols in the middle two framed positions awards 10 free spins. During the bonus, the Cocktail Promotion always shows a tall glass. Moreover, it's possible to retrigger the round - when doing so, players are awarded an extra batch of 10 free spins.

Midnight Romance slot
Midnight Romance slot - free spins

Midnight Romance: Slot Verdict

Midnight Romance is one of those maybe you shouldn't judge a book by its cover moments. Or, at the least, maybe you shouldn't judge a book too harshly by its cover. The first look at Midnight Romance wasn't super positive. In fact, it gave off the sort of vibes one may encounter in the middle of town at 3 am as the last club is about to close and the place reeks of Jägermeister and desperation, as intoxicated people cling to the hope of finding any, any, hint of companionship for the night. In that frame of mind, it's easy to fall for the thinking that waking up with a grenade is far preferable to waking up lonely.

The pretty woman in Midnight Romance is spoiled for choice, too, from Sportsman to Businessman to Musician. As well as being good for her, it's potentially good for gamblers, too, since each dude is tied to a different feature. Every one of them has a trait in common - they're all about adding wilds to the reels, but each one has its own individual quirk, be it multiplier, spreading over the reel, or respin. Variety is the spice of life and all that. Big numbers can be, they don't have to be, but they can be the spice of gambling too, and Midnight Romance's max win of 19,894.2x the bet is one of those. It's also a puzzle. How and why does Red Tiger choose to bestow massive potential on some slots and meagre winnings on others that would have significantly benefited from extra digits? Another one of life's great mysteries.

In the end, Midnight Romance was like a date that started on an awkward footing but warmed up as time passed, till by the end, you're kind of keen to see them again at some point in the future. Yet, at the same time, if they never ended up calling, eh, it wouldn't be the end of the world either. Plenty more fish out there, as they say.


In Midnight Romance, you either go along with the toe-curling cheese and are pleasantly surprised, or it’s all just a little too much.

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