Money Train 3 Delivers Monstrous Max Win On Release Day


Well, that didn’t take long. After a bunch of video clips showed Money Train 2 butting up against its win cap, there was little to no doubt its big brother Money Train 3 would do so as well. How many would have thought it was going to happen on the first day of release, though? In fact, Money Train 3’s max win was hit three times on the first day, as confirmed by CEO Simon Hammon, though none were as big as this steam roller of a result.

It was achieved by a lucky Canadian player with a base bet of 40c (CAD). If you’ve played Money Train 3, you might have noticed it can be tricky at times to organically trigger the Money Cart bonus round. However, Relax Gaming has bolted on four feature buy options of varying attributes and prices. The player in this clip opts for the premium option, which has a price tag of 500x the base bet. This one cost $200 to buy the Money Cart bonus round triggered by two regular bonus symbols and one Persistent Symbol (which counts as a triggering symbol).

As seen in Money Train 2, Persistent symbols can be outrageously effective. The one in this clip is the Persistent Collector Payer, which selects 3-5 symbols, adds their values to its own value, and then adds the accumulated total back to the selected symbols – on each spin. So, while the Persistent Collector Payer doesn’t collect and pay the value of all symbols in view like MT2’s Collector Payer, it does repeat its ability on each following spin.

money train 3 max win

Initially, there are only two x1 bonus symbols on the board in the beginning, so things get off to a slow start, but this quickly changes. While the Persistent Collector Payer is doing its thing, a couple of Snipers swoop in and flip the total win from x283 to x1,580 in a moment. As they say, though, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’, and the very next spin lands a Persistent Necromancer, which has the ability to bring 2-7 non-persistent special symbols that have been used back to life on each following spin.

From there, the action kicks things up a couple of gears and goes completely nuts. The Persistent Necromancer goes wild, repeatedly reactivating the two Sniper symbols that, in turn, go about doubling everything in sight. Within moments, the win cap has been struck, and the round comes to an explosive finale. As was often the case in Money Train 2 max win clips, one wonders how far this run-away freight train could have gone if the brakes hadn’t been engaged.

As it stands, the lucky player in question was probably pretty darn chuffed with the 100,000x the base bet, or CAD $40,000 result, from what was an exemplary Money Cart bonus round. Clips like this showcase the devastating power certain symbols have, and while Money Train 3 can be a tough nut to crack, wins like this are sure to stoke the fire of players keen to take the Train on.

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