Rapunzel’s Tower (Quickspin) Online Slot Review

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Rapunzel’s Tower was actually one of the first slots ever produced by Quickspin, but it has since been pulled from the market. Now it’s back with “improved graphics and a more rewarding experience.”

If you’ve ever played Goldilocks, which is also one of Quickspin’s older slots, you might agree that it’s one of their best. Rapunzel’s Tower is quite similar to Goldilocks in many ways which is something positive.

They both feature a classic fary tale theme and in both slots you have to progress during the bonus to get to the good stuff.

Rapunzel’s Tower online slot is a 3×5 20-line slot with looks and feel that is very typical of Quickspin. Just by looking at it you sort of already know what you’re going to get and while it offers nothing groundbreaking (it is a revamp after all) it is still cute and a bit fun.

Base Game
100% Bonus up to 50€
1 Relic on Signup (Guaranteed win)

18+ |T&C Apply

If you look closely you’ll notice that they’ve implemented little funny details in the game. For example, when you hit two scatters Rapunzel will stretch her head out of the tower in excitement to see if the bonus will land or not. Or when you reach the top level in the bonus…awwww.

Truth is, the game doesn’t pay that much, but if you’ve been around a while you already know Quickspin is a low to medium variance provider and there is a market for those kind of games too. These slots can still be fun for high rollers however since it’s “fairly” easy to hit 50-100x wins.

Premium Symbols

Some of the basic features of the game…

Wilds stick until you win

Get three or more Bonus Wild symbols to initiate the Wild stick until you win feature. The Bonus Wild symbols will lock in place and the game will respin until you get a winning combination.

Free Spin Bonus

3 Scatter symbols initiate 10 Free Spins with the Tower Feature, where the Prince climbs the tower to save Rapunzel. Every Bonus Wild appearing on the reels awards 1 step on the tower. Additional Free Spins will be awarded during the climb, and if the Prince reach the top, the rest of the Free Spins will be played with an X2 multiplier on all wins.

Tower Feature

RTP & Stats

Base Game: 39.35%
Feature Game: 28.39%
Bonus: 28.51%
Total: 96.25%

Max payout times bet observed in 1 billion spins: 1619
Probability of winning 100x bet: 1 in 1362

Big Win (bet multiplier 15+) 1 in 71
Super Win (bet multiplier 40+) 1 in 202
Mega Win (bet multiplier 70+) 1 in 598
Epic Win (bet multiplier 100+) 1 in 1251

200% up to €100
100 Free Spins

18+ |T&C Apply


Will this be the slot of the year? No. Is it a bad slot? Absolutely not. Not everyone is into low variance slots, just like not everyone is into high varience slots. It’s a good thing that there’s something for everyone and Quickspin are extremely good at what they do. The slot is incredibly nice to look at and it’s smooth as a dream. Even if you’re not into these types of slots, Rapunzel’s Tower can be a fun slot to do some wagering on or try a few big bets and who knows, it might even catch you by surprise!

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Rapunzel's Tower (Quickspin)
  • Looks & Sound
  • Entertainment Value
  • Potential

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