peter & sons

đź”” Who are Peter & Sons?

Peter & Sons is a game development studio based in Yerevan, Armenia, a country perhaps not widely regarded as a hub for online gambling. That might be about to change if Peter & Sons has anything to say about it, as the studio has already gained a reputation for creating uniquely styled, high performing video slots. Peter & Sons was founded in 2019 by a group of international enthusiasts and professionals with experience in casino game and mobile game development.

A relatively young studio, it didn't take long for Peter & Sons to quickly make their mark. In an industry flooded with games, Peter & Sons' releases nevertheless possess more than enough x-factor to make them stand out from the crowd. The interesting way they have achieved this is by adopting a specific look and exploring a variety of themes. Usually, just a glance is all it takes to instantly spot a Peter & Sons product. There's something about the way the team designs their games using a one-off cartoon, almost animated cardboard style that no one else is doing.

Despite sticking closely to a specific graphical approach, Peter & Sons has avoided growing stale be being just as inventive when it comes to theme choice and presentation - games like Kaiser or Valkyries being two curious examples. The team also experiments with features, not afraid to tinker with classics like the 'book of' style gaming found in Johnan Legendarian or branch off to create their own unique extras. Potential winnings in a Peter & Sons game can generally be counted on to be respectable, often massive, as found in games like Sherwood Marauders or Robin: Nottingham Raiders. Behind the scenes, Peter & Sons tune math models to entertain a variety of player types, though they tend to lean on the highly volatile side, with return values generally coming in around the 96% mark.

Joining Yggdrasil's YGS Masters programme in 2020 has helped Peter & Sons bring their games to a wider audience. The partnership also means Peter & Sons is able to borrow features from Yggdrasil's tool kit, such as their Gigablox setup. This mechanic was first paired with the studio's characteristic look to create the fantasy based Gigablox powered game, Monster Blox. So unique are Peter & Sons' graphics that the third-party game mechanic took a back seat, running the show but letting the visuals tell the story. Peter & Sons might not be a household name yet, but their personalised approach to game design and partnership with an established studio has put them on a great track. Already receiving award nominations, Peter & Sons is well on the way to carving out their own niche in the game design world, showing bigger studios a thing or two in the process.

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