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Possessed: Slot Overview

In this scientifically minded, materialistic world we find ourselves inhabiting, it can be easy to brush off any talk of the supernatural or anything possibly existing beyond the logical explanation of rationally minded men and women. 'Ghosts? Bah, what is this nonsense?', 'Thor? Get real, laddie.' But what if, bubbling beneath the veneer of rationality, seethes a cacophony of chaos, lusting to unleash its hate, jealousy, and slashing violence on a humanity drunk on its own self-righteous hubris, if only it can find a way to puncture the veil between the two worlds and wreak almighty havoc on a so-called sensibly minded society?

It's a concept software provider Nolimit City explores in Possessed, an online slot that sits in the same camp as movies like The Exorcist. If you missed that film, The Exorcist, which was based on a book, told the story of a young girl's demonic possession and an exorcism performed by two Catholic Priests. Likewise, Possessed is a slot full of religious references, fighting it out for the soul of a glowing-eyed woman in the throes of possession. Not a comedy then, in other words, and Possessed sits alongside prior Nolimit City slots such as True Kult, The Crypt, Blood and Shadow, as well as Book of Shadows.

Possessed slot
Possessed slot - base game

Possessed is played on a 5 reel gaming grid with columns of 3-6-6-6-3 symbols and 1,944 ways to win. In the middle of the grid is a highlighted area known as the Cross. Wins are formed by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels from the left, driven by a math model classed as highly volatile (10 out of 10). The default RTP when betting 20 c to $/€100 per spin is 96.06%, lowering to 96.04% when using the xBet. Activating the xBet increases the stake by 2.5x. Triggering free spins naturally, without the xBet, occurs at 1 in 237 spins, dropping to 1 in 47 spins with the xBet on.

The paytable in Possessed is carved up between 5 characters and 5 miscellaneous related items. The items are the lows, consisting of a book, a cross, legs, hands, and an axe, while the highs are a praying person, a cat, a demon, a priest, and the possessed female. Landing 5 matching lows in a winning way pays 0.2 to 0.7 times the bet, whereas 5 matching high pays are worth 1.2 to 3 times the bet.

Possessed: Slot Features

Possessed slot
Possessed slot - Beelzebub Spins

What Possessed gathers to conduct its ritual are xWays, Infectious xWays, wilds, xActivation, Necromancy Spins, Atonement Spins, Beelzebub Spins, and bonus buys.

xWays and Infectious xWays

xWays symbols transform into any 2 or 3 instances of the same pay symbol – not wilds, scatters, or xActivations. Infectious xWays transform into 2 instances of the same symbol and makes all other matching symbols on the reels be 2 instances each.


Wilds only land on the middle reel. If a wild lands in the joint of the Cross, the whole Cross transforms into an x2 multiplier wild. If the wild lands in any other position of the Cross, the middle reels of the Cross are transformed to wild symbols and a corresponding multiplier is granted.


Hitting an xActivation symbol in the main game triggers a respin. Only one xActivation may land per spin. When the first xActivation hits, it activates 3 positions of the Cross. For this feature, the activated positions are filled with a random symbol type from the remaining symbols on the xCrucifix reel (the xCrucifix is a list of high-paying symbols). The xActivation can reappear on the following respin and activate one more position on the Cross till all positions of the Cross are activated. Each time an xActivation symbol lands, the lowest paying symbol is removed from the xCrucifix reel. The xActivation symbol may appear in bonus modes but does not activate positions on the Cross.

Possessed slot
Possessed slot - Infectious xWays

Free Spins

  • Necromancy Spins - Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers 9 Necromancy spins and activates 3 positions of the Cross. Any additional scatter landing awards +1 free spin and activates +1 more position of the Cross. The pay symbols removed from the xCrucifix reel remain that way till the end of the round – in all free spins rounds.
  • Atonement Spins - Landing 4 scatter symbols triggers 12 Atonement free spins, activating 4 positions on the Cross. Any additional scatter awards +1 free spin and activates all remaining positions of the Cross.
  • Beelzebub Spins - Landing 5 scatter symbols triggers 15 Beelzebub spins, activating all positions of the Cross. Landing 1 additional scatter awards +1 spin.

Nolimit Bonus

The Nolimit feature buy menu has four options to choose from they are:

  • 9 Necromancy Spins – 80x the bet, RTP 96.06%.
  • 12 Atonement Spins – 150x the bet, RTP 96.12%.
  • 15 Beelzebub Spins – 500x the bet, RTP 96%.
  • Lucky Dip 40% 9 Necromancy Spins / 30% 12 Atonement Spins / 30% 15 Beelzebub Spins – 227x the bet, RTP 96.05%.
Possessed slot
Possessed slot - xBet Respin

Possessed: Slot Verdict

Once your head is wrapped around the concept of the Cross, the xCrucifix, and active areas, etc. Possessed is actually a rather uncomplicated Nolimit City game to follow. It would appear that the aim is to activate as many areas on the Cross as possible, then fill it with symbols. Having multipliers in there somewhere or filling the Cross with wilds wouldn't be a bad move, either. Possessed was relatively straightforward for Nolimit City once the tools and how they fit together have been grasped.

There are quite a few parts that need to click together to really get the exorcism sizzling, though, and therein lies the challenge. Strangely, and sure, luck is luck, but free spins seemed to trigger oddly frequently at times in the review. Even without the xBet activated. Payouts weren't terribly impressive a lot of the time, but Possessed is in possession of frighteningly large winning potential of 50,000x the bet, and bonus rounds are likely to be where the best results occur. Like The Crypt, working your way through the xCrucifix list of symbols provides a challenge. And while progress through the Crucifix symbols wasn't as nail-biting as The Crypt (from memory), Possessed didn't seem so intent on piling on as many dead spins, by comparison. Or perhaps dead spins just weren't as noticeable here as they could be in The Crypt. Either way, Possessed is an extremely volatile Nolimit City slot, so it also has no issues with setting fire to your living room, so to speak.

It's also a game chock with neat extras, such as the upward spinning action during bonus rounds with all those flames, as if the laws of nature have been flipped and something is very, very wrong. Possessed doesn't seem like it's hurtling down the road to classic status, but the game has masses of potential, and even if the blasphemous levels are a notch too high, this is another NLC creation the likes of which you don't really find anywhere else.


Possessed might be too blasphemous or user-unfriendly for some, but it’s also a totally unique Nolimit City production.

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