Preview: Jungle Books (Yggdrasil)

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We’ve been excited about this release since the day we heard the news. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – few, if any of the other providers are as innovative as the Swedes behind Yggdrasil.

Despite having known about the upcoming release for a long time now there has been little information about the actual gameplay. But as release date is closing in more and more information is getting available.

While Yggdrasil has set release date to September 20, many other sites lists September 4 as the day of it’s arrival. We’ll trust the official source on this one but release dates tend to shift.

As we’ve reported before the game had to change title from The Jungle Book to it’s present title Jungle Books, most likely because of copyright issues. You don’t want to piss off Disney I guess.

The game then…oh boy, where do we start. It is a little messy, we’ll admit right away, so instead of doing deep analyzing in writing we’ll just hope the video is going to be self explanatory enough.

But still, let’s go through the basis of the game.

There are no traditional bonuses in Jungle Books, which means you won’t see any scatter symbols. Instead there are 5 characters with each having their own game table and 2 unique features each. The characters concists of a boy (Mowg…nevermind), snake, bear, panther and tiger, obviously inspired by the original saga (duh). The characters (hosts) can get visits from the other characters who then bring their own features to the current game table (realm). This happens randomly and a visitor can suddenly leave as well. A bit like a theif in the night stealing your money (sorry, we just had to).

What you want here is a good combination of features, some obviously being better than others.

The game table is also a bit different from what you might be used to. 3 of the characters have 58 paylines and the 2 remaining have 68 paylines. The different realms and features are, as mentioned previously, triggered randomly.

When you begin playing it’s pretty confusing and a bit hard to understand exactly what’s going on. But it didn’t actually take too long before it started to make some sense. You’re always transported between the different realms and the visiting characters come and go all the time, which means there is always something going on. This certainly adds to the entertainment value.

It’s a little bit funny however how dead the game play can be concidering it being so rich in features.

The different features are pretty typical for casino games and you’ll probably know them from other slots: syncronized reels, sticky respins, wild reels and so on.

In the bear realm you can land picking bonuses with coin awards and there is some serious potential here with a max win of 50,000 coins!

But enough with the talk. Take a look at our video where we managed to visit all realms as well as capturing all the game play information, including paytable. Also notice the rings in the upper left and right corners, that’s where the current features will be displayed.

The game has an rtp of 96.1% and will be available on casinos such as Thrills, Guts och Rizk. Protection Status ©, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited and may result in a Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown and/or legal action.

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