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Rabbit Royale: Slot Overview

Amongst a list of things that make farming hard, too much rain, not enough rain, locusts; one of the cuddlier pests are those adorable furry long-eared fuzz balls, rabbits. Take Australia, for example. Rabbits were introduced Down Under by the First Fleet in the 18th century and rapidly multiplied into a population of around 200 million. That's 200 million tiny mouths which have to eat something. Annoying, in other words. At least, they can be in real life. In movies, tv and online slots, rabbits are usually utterly adorable, and a bunch of the critters make their way into  Rabbit Royale from software provider ELK Studios.

We might have banged on about the cuter qualities of bunnies in pop culture, but Rabbit Royale is actually a little bit sinister. Its rural location has hints of the 2018 film Peter Rabbit, yet this is a much darker take on the topic than the jolly antics of Peter and his mates. In Rabbit Royale, the ruined windmill, the pitchforked farmer and his meat-cleaver-wielding partner make it seem like the residents of this home have become consumed with the eradication of their bunny neighbours to the exclusion of all else. You kind of feel sorry for the rabbits at first, but then when you see them, they come across as the sort of wildlife that isn't going to lie down and just take it.

Rabbit Royale slot
Rabbit Royale slot - base game

Rabbit Royale's gaming area is built out of 5-reels, 5-rows of symbols and uses a 259-connecting paylines system. Winning combinations must start from the leftmost side of the grid and be connected to one another in horizontal or diagonal directions. Beneath the surface, in the warren of code, if you will, Rabbit Royale runs on a highly volatile math model spitting out a return to player value of 94% - whether playing normally at 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin or when shelling out for the X-iter. Any device may be used to play Rabbit Royale.

Two of the main ways of nabbing some dough is by the carrot symbol money collect feature and regular connecting line wins. When landing a 5-of-a-kind hit made up of the lower-paying trap, letterbox, poison bottle, or electrical junction box, the reward is 0.5 times the bet. Rewards are increased to 1 to 5 times the bet when landing five tractors, sewing machines, or the two character symbols. Wild symbols are useful for a couple of reasons. One, they may be used to replace any regular pay symbol, and two, they may reveal carrot money symbols, as covered next.

Rabbit Royale: Slot Features

Rabbit Royale slot
Rabbit Royale slot - free spins

Rabbit Royale's harvest of features includes Wild to Carrot, Rabbit Respins, the Super Collect, free spins with sticky rabbits, and X-iter bonus modes.

Rabbit Respins

Carrot symbols possess a monetary value and land naturally or are revealed by wilds if the wild symbol is used in a win and a rabbit is present. When rabbit symbols are also in view, each rabbit collects the values of all carrot symbols on the reels. Carrot collects occur after any payline wins. A carrot collect triggers a respin in both the base game and the bonus round. Rabbits remain on the board while the reels respin, possibly moving to a new position. If a carrot collection occurs, then another respin will be awarded. When respins end, the rabbit values are paid out.

Super Collect

It is possible to have up to 5 rabbit symbols on the grid at the same time. When rabbits end up adjacent to each other, they collect each other's values. For example, if rabbit A has a 10x value and Rabbit B has a 20x value, Rabbit A will collect 20x from Rabbit B, then Rabbit B will collect 30x from Rabbit A.

Bonus Game

When 3 bonus symbols land, they trigger the bonus game and 3 free spins + 1 rabbit is awarded; 4 bonus symbols award 4 free spins + 2 rabbit symbols, while 5 bonus symbols trigger 5 free spins with 3 rabbit symbols. The bonus game starts immediately after payouts have been made when triggered during a respin, and any rabbits already in view are carried over, in addition to the number of awarded rabbits - up to 5.

All rabbits are sticky during free spins, meaning they are able to move about the grid but are not removed until the feature ends. If 3 or more scatters land during the bonus game, the number of additional free spins and additional rabbits is the same as when initially triggered from the base game. Only free spins are awarded if the maximum number of 5 rabbits is already in play. A single bonus symbol awards +1 extra free spin.


The X-iter feature buy menu supplies a number of alternative game modes. All have the same RTP as when single spin betting.

  • Bonus Hunt – 2x the bet for 1 spin with greater than double the chance of triggering the bonus game.
  • Rabbit Respins – 10x the bet for 1 spin with a guaranteed rabbit and carrot collect.
  • Double Trouble – 25x the bet for 1 spin with at least 2 rabbits and a guaranteed carrot collect.
  • Bonus – 100x the bet to buy a game round with a bonus game trigger.
  • Super Bonus – 500x the bet to buy the Super bonus game with 5 free spins and 3 rabbits.
Rabbit Royale slot
Rabbit Royale slot - feature buy options

Rabbit Royale: Slot Verdict

According to online sources, the hottest things in the universe are supernovae which can tip the scales at a pot boiling 100 billion degrees. For example, scientists estimate that 10 times more energy was released by the explosion of SN2016aps than our sun will emit in its whole lifetime. Pretty warmish then, but nothing compared to the heat coming off the money symbol collect slot genre at the moment. Game designers, and by extension, players simply can't seem to get enough of them. From fishing to Vikings to rabbits, it seems there is no subject which cannot be twisted and bent to include some sort of money symbol collect element.

They can be samey, at times, yet the good thing about Rabbit Royale for players keen on novelty is that it looks, plays and feels like very little else out there. Had the studio simply loaded in basic carrot symbols and rudimentary rabbit collector symbols then called it a day, Rabbit Royale wouldn't have been too bad already, thanks to the imaginative set design and absorbing audio-visuals. However, ELK Studios are a creative bunch, and Rabbit Royale's pièce de resistance is its Super Collect feature. As well as rubbing your hands with glee when carrot symbols are collected, willing rabbits to move next to each other becomes almost all-consuming. Needless to say, there is a major frustration/potential reward seesaw effect in Rabbit Royale, made better (or worse) by the way purple frames appear on the board, indicating where rabbit symbols need to hop. Get it right, like really right, and Rabbit Royale is good for wins of up to 25,000 times the bet. We're imagining insane levels of collecting happening to get close to that figure.

ELK Studios are good at these humankind vs animal games, another example being the successful Wild Toro range of slots. Rabbits might not automatically seem as dangerous as a rampaging bull snorting steam from its nostrils, but these bunnies mean business. So does Rabbit Royale, which, when putting the less desirable numbers aside for a moment, is a thrilling showdown between human, animal, and inventive gaming elements.


Fictional battles between farmer and rabbit rarely get as frustrating nor potentially rewarding as in Rabbit Royale.

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