Slot Statistics January 2018


Two weeks ago we singled out a handful of slots to see how they were performing, something that was very much appreciated by our readers. Today we take a look at 4 more slots.

Thanks to our slot tracking tools, we have been able to make sure the providers are living up to their promises. In most cases, everything’s checks out fine, but some providers have been showing some very disappointing numbers. That’s why we feel it’s important to keep doing these checkups, both for the sake of showing that the casino industry can indeed be trusted, but also to put pressure on game providers to give us fair games. Before we start, there are a couple of things that you need to know.

In most cases there have not yet been enough spins made for these stats to be of any real importance. You may ask why we are doing this then. The simple answer is that numbers are fun. 300,000 spins may not be enough to draw any real conclusions and it’s estimated you need at least one million spins for some weight behind the numbers, but in some cases, even a limited sample can tell us something about a game.

Also, remember that these are stats collected by regular players connected to the Slot Tracker database. Within a limited number of spins, a few crazy wins can have great impact on these numbers and make the rtp spike.

for what it’s worth, here we go…

Slot Stats

Provider Number of Spins RTP Best Win Avg Bonus Win Bonus Freq
Jungle Spirit 303,630 101.32% 3,858.50X 52.60X 1 / 168.50 (0.59%)
Vikings Go Berzerk 193,256  86.46% 1,238.88X 45.96X 1 / 134.49 (0.74%)
White Rabbit 193,594   89.31%
1,530.10X 96.98X 1 / 347.57 (0.29%)
Captain Venture 190,225  104.43% 8,085.80X 193.25X 1 / 272.92 (0.37%)


All the slots we picked here sits somewhere in the high volatile part of the spectrum. There are of course some great variations even between high volatile slots. For example, White Rabbit by Big Time Gaming is an ultra high volatile slot as compared to Vikings Go Berzerk by Yggdrasil, which is on the lower part of the scale.

As already stated, there are not nearly enough spins to draw any real conclusions and looking at the stats for Captain Venture (Novomatic) for example, we can tell that someone has hit a wild line in the bonus, which is the max win and worth 8000 times the bet. With less than 200k spins on this slot, a win like that will obviously make the RTP spike, which indeed it has. Other than that, the numbers for a Novomatic slot are pretty much as expected.

Moving on to Vikings Go Berzerk by Yggdrasil, this slot provider has unfortunately time after time been showing some terrible numbers. We’ve also heard a lot of people complain about this game specifically, claiming the RTP to drop significantly when getting close to triggering the Rage Meter. We’ve seen some insane wins on this game in the past, but lately big win pictures and videos have been scarce. We therefor must advice from playing this game.

White Rabbit by Big Time Gaming was likely THE most talked about slot when it was released at the end of 2017. All slots released by this provider are hyped beyond belief, much because of their insane potential, which no other provider currently comes close to.

What makes this slot in particular a bit more interesting, is the option to buy the bonus for a cost of 100 times your bet. We’re not entirely sure how this affects the stats here, but as can be seen it’s showing some poor RTP numbers. The biggest win doesn’t impress very much either being such a crazy high volatile game and to this date, we have seen no wins close to the size of those that’s been won on Bonanza (14000x+) and Queen of Riches (19000x). We will keep an close eye on this slot and report back when it has acquired some more spins.

And last but not least – Jungle Spirit by NetEnt. It’s showing some really nice numbers, which NetEnt usually tends to do. It’s rarely anything spectacular, but NetEnt does what’s expected of them and they seem to us like the most stable and most trustworthy game provider.

That pretty much sums up our slot insight for this time. If there is any slot in particular you would like us to look at, please let us know in the comment below.

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