Slot Tracker Exclusive Insight!

Our friends over at Innovative Game Solutions have been kind enough to share some stats exclusively with us collected by the awesome Slot Tracker. Numbers don’t lie. Let’s see what it has to say!

For those of you who still don’t know what the Slot Tracker is, here’s a short presentation. Slot Tracker was launched roughly 6 months ago. It’s a little (but extremely powerful) program that works quietly in the background of your browser and collects all your slot session data. And we really do mean ALL data. It doesn’t even blink! The program won’t miss a single spin, not a cent wagered and pretty much know most of the online casinos by name. It will even keep track of your session RTP for you (usually scary red numbers but still). It really is an exemplary and efficient way to get a detailed overview of your gambling habits.

But it’s greatest strength might lie in it’s community stats which it collects from every single player connected to it’s database. This way we get a perfect blueprint of a specific slots characteristics. There’s really no need for any more speculation or having to depend on stats provided by “the industry”. In fact, Slot Tracker was developed by slot enthusiasts just like you and I!

So when we heard that we were given the opportunity to publish some stats exclusively for we jumped right on it! We even got asked which games we wanted to have a look at and so we picked Bonanza, because it’s probably the most popular slot amongst slot enthusiasts at the moment, and Cazino Zeppelin because it’s an evil game that refuses to give us wild lines.

Let’s have a look at what it has to say about Cazino Zeppelin first.

The top segment in white represents the players individual stats. We can see a total of 777 spins been made resulting in a not so impressive RTP. There’s just a whole bunch of amazing stats on there so do take a minute to analyze it.

The lower segment in yellow is the more interesting part, for us at least. That’s the Community Stats, which in this case has collected stats from a total of 73,459 spins made by all players connected to the tracker.

Yggdrasil, the developer of the game, states the game has an RTP of 96% and while the stats on the tracker is in the ballpark it should be said that the tracker needs some more spins in this case to hold more value. Still, very interesting data!

The Statistical Return Percentage (SRP) is very interesting as well. This makes all wagers have the same value. Eg. If you were betting 100 per spin and I was betting 1 per spin the RTP figure would end up skewed towards you. SRP makes all bets worth the same in the ecosystem. It does this by working out the math on a per spin basis. Slot Tracker is the only way to get this SRP figure as casinos won’t give it. Complicated stuff for us who can barely calculate coin value. Glad there are some very intelligent people out there who’s on our side!

Also note the Wager Rating scale which has placed the game in the low end. In other words, do not try and wager with Cazino Zeppelin or chances are that you will end up busting out.

There is something called Volatility Index. High numbers means the slots belong to the high volatile category which in turns means that it’s very hard to win anything, but when you do the money can be great.

Let’s move on to Bonanza.

This game is obviously way more popular within the Slot Tracker community and this is also true for the casino community in large. Over 700,000 spins gives us a bit more of an accurate assessment. According to Big Time Gaming the game has an RTP of 96% which is pretty much exactly what the tracker has calculated!

It’s a bit interesting to see that the highest win recorded is “only” 1,173x on a game we have seen proof of can pay over 14,000x. But truth of the matter is that jackpot wins are extremely rare and in that aspect the tracker works as an eye opener.

Slot Tracker has collected over 10 million spins to date from a large number of players and many more are joining in on the data collecting every day. If you are interested in trying it out yourself you can get a free month of Gold membership with full functionality exclusively through Please observe that you need to add a Paypal or bank card to your account to activate your free month. This is just formality and no money will be charged of course and the trial can be cancelled at any time. Protection Status ©, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited and may result in a Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown and/or legal action.

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