SlotsFighter’s Final Four To Battle For €10,000

After 6 weeks of battles in the SlotsFighter regular season, now comes the moment we all have really been waiting for – the playoffs!

And what an exciting time it has been for slots enthusiasts! The concept with online streaming slots tournaments turned out to be a great hit and viewers have been able to follow their battle heroes through the ups and downs. We have indeed seen it all during the first ever season of SlotsFighter – massive wins, crushing defeates, technical failures, competative dramas and loads of entertainment. In other words, every ingredient needed to make it all come alive.

In the beginning only 4 of the participants were known to the casino streaming community – Blackcatseven, K_Blackwood, Chipmonkzslots and Casinomon, but with time, as viewers got to know the non streaming contestants a bit better, Spin Ninja, Scatterman, Blondie and Fieke, all grew in the eyes of the viewers and were eventually embraced by the community. In fact, only two of the streamers made it to the playoffs and the top ranking contestant of the regular season, Spin Ninja, is one of the non streamers!

Final standings, regular season

The SlotsFighter Playoffs

The semi finals will be played in a best of three format, while the finals will have a best of five structure, and at the end of this week, one of the 4 players remaining will receive a check of €10,000! The first round kicks off tonight and will be played as follows:

  • Blackcatseven vs The Scatterman at 6:30 p.m. (CET)
  • Spin Ninja vs Casinomon at 8:30 p.m. (CET)

What Is SlotsFighter?

SlotsFighter is a new concept which has taken casino streaming to a whole new level in more ways than one. Most will agree that it’s a very social approach to casino streaming, which is also why it has been so appreciated by viewers, who also love seeing their favorite streamer in new settings and situations, interacting with other streamers.

SlotsFighter is being streamed live on Twitch and Youtube and both experienced casino streamers as well as amateurs can participate. This allows for some interesting interactions and even awkward moments which we, with great amusement, have seen this season. Further, the tournament has been designed in a way to make room for strategic thinking in the way the contestans can approach the games selectable during the battles. So while slots in general is all about luck, in SlotsFighter one has to think twice.

And with a grand prize of 10,000 Euros, much is at stake!

Visit SlotsFighter official website.

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