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Fate Of Fortune

Fate of Fortune: Slot Overview ‘Your fate is sealed…‘ So says an ominous voice greeting players to ELK Studios mysterious slot Fate of Fortune. It’s a huge topic. Pondering whether fate is real or not […]

night trax slot
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Night Trax

Night Trax: Slot OverviewKnown for their love of the inert monatomic gas, Swedish developer ELK Studios turns up the neon for their hot 80s styled game, Night Trax. They’ve also turned up the creativity to […]

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Zulu Gold

Zulu Gold: Slot Overview After braving the icy Himalayan winds of Katmandu, our man Kane is back in another exotic adventure. Slightly older, this time he finds himself in Africa amidst the Zulu people. With […]

dream diver slot
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Dream Diver

Dream Diver: Slot OverviewThey say the average human being, if there is such a thing, spends around a third of their life between the sheets sleeping. That is a big chunk of time doing little […]

tropicool slot
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Tropicool: Slot Overview If you work in the travel industry, you’ll be used to people coming in asking to be taken somewhere hot. It doesn’t matter exactly where, as long as it’s within budget and […]

nitropolis 2 slot
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Nitropolis 2

Nitropolis 2: Slot Overview ELK Studios’ animal-led dystopian future is back for another bout of bedlam in the follow-up game, Nitropolis 2. The first Nitropolis slot was a blast of adrenalized mayhem that came with […]

cluster slide slot
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Cluster Slide

Cluster Slide: Slot OverviewIf there is one thing that the ELK team has a propensity for, it’s tinkering with reel setups and the way symbols move across them. The Gold series expands rows and ways, […]

wild toro slot
ELK Studios Reviews

Wild Toro

Wild Toro: Slot Overview Being a Matador has to be one of the most daring occupations around. Stepping in the ring with a raging black bull, let alone getting up close enough to feel the […]

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Bompers: Slot OverviewBompers is the third slot from ELK Studios to use their gravity mechanic, and they’ve combined it with classic slot imagery this time around. In the previous two, Cygnus and IO, ELK went […]

miss wildfire slot
ELK Studios Reviews

Miss Wildfire

Miss Wildfire: Slot OverviewMovie goers take note, Miss Wildfire from ELK Studios bears no relation to the Robin Williams film where he dresses up as a nanny to spend more time with his kids. But, […]