diablo reels slot
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Diablo Reels

Fruit slot enthusiasts reap the benefits of six games worth of changes and updates in this conclusive seventh entry in the ELK Classic Series titled Diablo Reels. 7th slot in the ELK Classic Series. Day […]

dreamzone slot
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Dreamzone: Overview’Look to the stars Bowen… to the stars.’ So said Scottish acting legend, Sean Connery, in the mid-90s movie Dragonheart. It’s also to the stars we turn in Dreamzone, another twig on the Starburst […]

io slot elk
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Io Slot: OverviewThe cosmically named Io is the second slot from developer ELK Studios to use their Gravity mechanic. The first, Cygnus, was another mysterious slot based in Egypt, but with an eye towards the […]

black river gold
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Black River Gold

Black River Gold: OverviewPlayers, your man Kane is back in a new adventure and is looking more dapper than ever. It seems like the man who previously used to fall backwards into success came upon […]

blood lust slot
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Blood Lust

Blood Lust Slot: OverviewThe phenomenally popular Twilight series of books and movies certainly has a lot to answer for. As well as softening up the vampire legend, they somehow managed to make them all hip […]

crusader slot
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Crusader Slot: OverviewCrusader is a serious minded slot which focuses on the final effort of the Crusaders under Edward I to hold Acre against the Mamluks in 1291. Pretty niche, and who were the Mamluks? […]

ELK Studios Reviews

Micro Knights

Micro Knights (ELK Studios): OverviewIt might not be their forte, but ELK Studios have chosen to head into the cluster pays genre with their new Micro Knights title. The result is similar in feel to […]

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Hit It Hard

Hit it Hard Online Slot (ELK Studios): OverviewELK’s latest neon-drenched extravagance is the sixth slot in their Classic Series. It has been about six months since the previous one, Win Win, and while both are […]

ELK Studios Reviews

Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf (ELK Studios): Overview Within a minute of playing Ice Wolf, there’s no missing the fact that ELK Studios has built its Norse Mythology-themed adventure from the DNA of its highly successful Gold trilogy. […]

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Voodoo Gold

Voodoo Gold (ELK Studios): Overview You have to hand it to Kane. He has a real knack for landing in dangerous situations that would get the better of most people. Not him though. He manages […]