boom pirates
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Boom Pirates (Foxium) Slot Review

Boom Pirates delightful scenery, engaging gameplay and sense of humour make it a worthwhile adventure, though a few minor drawbacks interfere with its feel-good attitude. Up to 10,077,696 Wonderways™ Increase the free spins frequency with […]

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Playboy (Microgaming) Slot Review

Playboy (Microgaming): OverviewThere’s a lot to be said for Playboy magazine. While some people enjoy buying it and lusting over the females inside, others have plainly bypassed it and never given it another thought. Whatever […]

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Terminator 2 (Microgaming) Slot Review

Terminator 2 (Microgaming): Overview How could anyone not love the Terminator franchise? It’s perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic portrayal of a character in his whole career and a definite go-to movie for anyone who’s a […]

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Jurassic Park (Microgaming) Slot Review

Experience the excitement of playing through this Jurassic Park slot game and watch dinosaurs come to life once again. Five different Free Spins rounds for alternative forms of entertainment T-Rex Alert mode to win with […]

banana odyssey
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Banana Odyssey (Slingshot Studios) Slot Review

Banana Odyssey (Microgaming): OverviewOfficially announced and showcased during the all-important London iGaming conference earlier this year, Banana Odyssey was hyped as one of Microgaming’s upcoming flagship titles. Overall, the Microgaming stand was as depressing as […]