holiday spirits
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Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits: Slot Overview If you are one of those people who wrenches the Christmas tree out of the attic mid-September, while others are making the most of the last of summer, Play’n GO might […]

madame ink slot
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Madame Ink

Madame Ink: Slot OverviewTo a lot of people, few things in life bestow instant steez like a tattoo does. It’s not like shaping your hair into a mullet, or piercing tongues, ears, or eyebrows though. […]

rise of athena slot
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Rise of Athena

Rise of Athena: Slot Overview Editor’s Note: This review evaluates Rise of Athena based on its early access state. We plan on reviewing Rise of Athena again once it gets a full release in case […]

rabbit hole riches slot
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Rabbit Hole Riches

Rabbit Hole Riches: Slot OverviewLewis Carrol’s story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland continues to prove irresistible to slot developers, returning to the reels on a regular basis. This time, it’s Play’n GO that’s had a crack, […]

helloween slot
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Helloween: Slot OverviewBefore the grammar police start bashing away at their keyboards, no Helloween is not a typo. It doesn’t just allude to the celebration, currently huge in America, yet slowly eking its way around […]

disco diamonds slot
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Disco Diamonds

Disco Diamonds is a run of the mill slot with stand up stats and features that work well together, though the generic symbols/disco mix might dent the appeal. […]

feline fury slot
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Feline Fury

If you can push through Feline Fury’s utterly bizarre theme, you may find a decent game beneath – populated by four ticked off kitties. […]

temple of wealth slot
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Temple of Wealth

Temple of Wealth: OverviewThey say good things come in threes, and developer Play’n GO has set out to prove the veracity of that statement. Temple of Wealth is one of three titles in the studio’s […]

beast of wealth slot
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Beast of Wealth

Beast of Wealth: OverviewBeast of Wealth is one of three games in Play’n GO’s trio of wealth based slots. Wealth by name, wealth by nature since all three have been designed as progressive jackpots. This […]