night roller slot
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Night Roller

Night Roller: Slot OverviewYou might not associate playing board games with big nights out on the razzle-dazzle, yet that’s what developers Red Tiger and partner studio R7 have set out to achieve in their slot […]

wheel of amp slot
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Wheel of Amp

Wheel of Amp: Slot OverviewDeveloper Red Tiger has gone all retro-futuristic by choosing Steampunk to theme Wheel of Amp. At first glance, the game looks like a basic 3×3 slot, but there is more going […]

ancients blessing slot
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Ancients Blessing

Ancients’ Blessing: Slot OverviewAncients’ Blessing from developer Red Tiger mixes fantasy with mythology in a superb looking slot that is held back from greatness by one or two potential deal-breakers. After a strong first impression […]

dragons fire infinireels
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Dragon’s Fire InfiniReels

Dragon’s Fire InfiniReels: Slot OverviewAfter the InfiniReels/Infinity Reels dust-up between NetEnt and ReelPlay ended amicably, it felt like NetEnt lost interest in the project and shelved it all together. However, sibling studio Red Tiger has […]

vault cracker slot
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Vault Cracker

Vault Cracker: Slot Overview Proving that fun things can come in small packages is Vault Cracker from developer Red Tiger. If you didn’t know, you might not automatically guess who was behind this game as […]

trillionaire slot
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Trillionaire: Slot OverviewOne of NetEnt’s big announcements at the 2020 London ICE conference was their bringing together iGaming and FashionTV. The branded slot was planned as part of a trio including Street Fighter II which […]

bettis boris boo slot
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Betty, Boris And Boo

Betty, Boris and Boo: Slot OverviewIn real life, the last thing you want to see wafting through walls, or dragging ethereal ball and chains down grand staircases, are those visitors from the other side – […]

Red Tiger Reviews

Regal Beasts

Regal Beasts: Slot OverviewPlayers get the chance to pledge their fealty to a house banner in developer Red Tiger’s medieval flavoured slot Regal Beasts. Using sleight of hand tricks, full line winning combinations can be […]

war of gods slot
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War Of Gods

War of Gods: Slot OverviewSome studios pack the power of Zeus into their games while others seek to harness the clout of Hades. Few are as audacious as to bring both deities together in one […]

agent royale slot
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Agent Royale

Agent Royale: Slot OverviewThe spy game is a complicated world of cloak and dagger, but Red Tiger has chosen to keep their slot version relatively straight forward. While spinning for rather low rewards in Agent […]