Mega Mine Nudging Ways slot
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Mega Mine Nudging Ways

Mega Mine Nudging Ways: Slot Overview As the name suggests, developer Relax Gaming is taking players below ground in a mining themed slot called Mega Mine Nudging Ways. It’s the first use of their trademarked […]

helios fury slot
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Helios’ Fury

Helios’ Fury: Slot OverviewA recent climate change study quoted in National Geographic Magazine stated there is a chance that by 2070 one third of the world’s population will live in areas as hot as the […]

volatile vikings slot
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Volatile Vikings

Volatile Vikings: Slot Overview Viking themed slots are one type of game you know you’ve never seen the last of. The subject is a recurrent favourite amongst designers, who return time and again to inject […]

Cluster Tumble slot
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Cluster Tumble

Cluster Tumble: Slot Overview Cluster Tumble is an addition to the expanding range of slots from Relax Gaming, featuring the word ‘Tumble’ in the title. It seems as if the story picks up from Tiki […]

dead man's trail slot
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Dead Man’s Trail

Dead Man’s Trail: Slot Overview Dead Man’s Trail is a pirate-themed slot from developer Relax Gaming, featuring a long-winded bonus game that can lead to some serious loot. With pirate slots, there’s a tendency to […]

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Troll’s Gold

Troll’s Gold: Slot OverviewLike much in the slots industry, both on-screen and behind it, Trolls have their origin in Scandinavia, being found in Norse mythology, for example. Back in the day, according to folklore, trolls […]

money cart 2 slot
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Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels

Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels: Slot Overview Please note: this game is released exclusively for the UK market. Just like Apple leapfrogged the iPhone 9 to fast track the X model, developer Relax Gaming didn’t […]

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Aztec Ascent

Aztec Ascent: Slot OverviewAfter the Spanish conquistadors, led by Hernan Cortes, squeezed Montezuma and his people for gold in 1519, they quickly had to flee the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs rose in rebellion following […]

Deep Descent slot
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Deep Descent

Deep Descent: Slot OverviewWhen people think of scuba diving, some envisage weaving in between sunken wrecks, firing spear guns at clownfish while dodging sharks and belligerent barracudas. Others, however, consider scuba diving a peaceful pastime, […]

chip spin slot
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Chip Spin

Chip Spin: Slot Overview One of the many colourful characters in Las Vegas lore, Julius ‘Big Julie’ Weintraub, famously said, ‘The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was […]