The MGA Issues Statement – Slot Provider GameArt Not Licensed

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GameArt in trouble (again) after having used false and misleading reference to the Malta Gaming Authority

If you’ve never heard of GameArt it’s probably because they simply aren’t very popular and lack trustworthy and reputable licenses. What’s even worse is that they’ve been caught red-handed using shady methods, resulting in their credibility spiraling down to absolute zero.

Earlier this year a forum member raised concerns regarding a GameArt slot called Thunder Bird. The member had been playing the game in fun mode and was triggering a large number of bonuses, something that made the alarm bell go off. Starting off with $500 in demo mode, the member had amassed a $100K balance within half an hour, something that repeated itself over several sessions.

A representative of the casino that hosted the game, also active on the forum, initially denied any issues, claiming the RTP to be the same in both demo and real mode. At that time, however, the representative had likely not carried out any tests himself and to his defense he likely did not see any immediate cause for concern as players all too often accuse slots of being “rigged”. The fact that GameArt claims their slots to be audited and tested by NMi – one of the most widely used Gaming Fairness Labs – was likely another reason why the accusations were not taken seriously at first.

GameArt official website with a reference to NMi

As the forum thread progressed other members joined in to test the game and it soon became apparent that something was seriously wrong – everyone was winning in demo mode! At this point, the representative made the decision to pull all GameArt slots to investigate the matter. Having been pushed to the wall by the community and the representative, GameArt folded and confessed to having used a different RTP for the demo mode, something that came as no surprise at that point, but led to outrage and caused further damage to an industry already struggling with trust and transparency issues.

GameArt is since back live on the casino, but new serious issues have surfaced. On the 15th of June, the Malta Gaming Authority published a statement declaring to have no connection with GameArt Limited or, and that – “any reference to the MGA or gaming licence/s said to be issued by the Maltese Authority, as stated by GameArt Limited are false and misleading.”

Having been caught cheating with the RTP and falsely claiming to be MGA licensed, is enough to seriously question the alledged NMi certification. We actually sent a message to NMi to ask them directly and are waiting for a reply which we will post here once it arrives.

We’ve recently published an article about game provider GameArt having been caught cheating with RTP as well as falsely giving the impression to be MGA licensed. On their site they claim to be NMi certified. This raises some questions:

1. Are they actually NMi certified?

2. If they are, what is your responsibility in terms of the RTP controversy they’ve been involved in.

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