What We Know About Big Time Gaming’s Upcoming Star Clusters Slot

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Brace yourselves – a brand new slot from Big Time Gaming is coming and this is what we know so far.

star clusters big time gaming
Star Clusters – splash screen

Update May 3, 2020: the Star Clusters Megaclusters review has now been published.

Like a group of mad scientists, the team over at Big Time Gaming has spent months locked inside their slototory, obsessing, experimenting and mixing various potent ingredients to come up with something that is to sweep the online slot community off their feet. At least that’s what we’re imagining. After all, being the originators of Bonanza and the unbelievably popular Megaways game engine, anything is possible with these guys.

To us, the CEO of Big Time Gaming, Nik Robinson, is known as a fellow with a strong passion for his games. As we’ve come to learn, he’s not just some suit and tie type of guy, Mr Robinson is personally involved in every aspect of the creative process and even does work on things such as sound effects and music (he’s the guy that recorded the Banjo loop in Bonanza!).

It’s been well established by now that Big Time Gaming’s approach is very different when compared to many of their competitors. It’s never been about quantity, but handmade quality. They always strive to make an impact and constantly look for ways to transform the landscape. Recycling old templates is not for them. If anyone’s ever asked themselves why this particular game studio has become so popular with the casino community, part of the answer is in the text you’ve just read.

But let’s rewind things a bit, for what is to come is a journey that begun quite a long time ago and has been shrouded in great secrecy until now. We can’t remember for sure, but a full year may have passed since Nik Robinson first made us aware of this very project. Although Mr Robinson always talks about his new games with great excitement, this time it seemed different somehow. Skyping us from an airport on his way to a conference somewhere in the world, it quickly became obvious to us that this could be something groundbreaking despite the fact that no details could be shared at that point.

As we’re getting closer to the public unveiling of the game which is set for release in June, more and more information has started to come in. Most notably is that the game will utilise a brand new game engine and that it will be Big Time Gaming’s first ever cluster pays slot. In other words, it seems likely that Star Clusters will be a thoroughly unique experience. For those of you who look forward to an in depth review of the game, Bigwinboard has been granted exclusive access as the first site allowed to publish an official review. You don’t want to miss this!

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