Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays: Slot Overview

It might seem like a redundant question, but there are people out there who aren't quite so interested in being millionaires. Take Russian problem solver Grigori Perelman for example. Perelman cracked the Poincaré conjecture, one of the Millennium Prize Problems many considered a dead end. He was awarded medals and $1 million for doing so, which he promptly turned down. Perelman's current whereabouts are a little unclear, though no doubt he's solving the sort of head-scratchers that would cause regular people to go cross-eyed.

For most punters, the prospect of winning a million bucks is a lot more desirable and something that could potentially become a reality with Big Time Gaming's slot Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays. Unlike the original game, gamblers don't have to max bet to do so either. This is because Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is the second slot following Bonanza Megapays to be connected to the Megapays progressive jackpot network. Not quite the household name Mega Moolah is, but with the inherent pulling power of BTGs games, is it just a matter of time?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays slot

Massive in the UK and appearing in a variety of formats around the world, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire involves a contestant answering a series of multi-choice questions, ascending a prize ladder for each correct one. Make it all the way to the end, and you are a brand-new cash millionaire. The format was incorporated into the original slot's Free Spins Gamble feature, and for the most part, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays has the same features as before. And as well as similar gameplay, the visuals are basically the same as well, where the game grid is surrounded by the dark, minimalist stylings of the show.

Most of the time, the action takes place on a standard Megaways powered panel made up of 6 reels holding 2-7 symbols and one horizontal bonus reel holding 4 symbols. A different symbol configuration lands on the reels every spin, giving players 324 to 117,749 ways to win. Stats are fairly similar as well, where RTP is slightly higher at 96.38%, though 9.44% of that covers the new jackpots. The volatility remains sky-high, particularly for free spins, which have lost their sheen ever so slightly since the Megapays feature only triggers from the base game. Offering stakes of 40 p/c to £/€30 per spin, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays is available on any device.

Pay symbols consist of 10 regulars, split into 9-A low pay royals and four gemstones. The sparkling diamond is the most valuable at 50x the bet for six of a kind, dropping to 2 to 7.5x for the other three gems. Psychedelic wild symbols appear on the lower bonus reel, substituting any pay symbols to help complete winning ways.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays: Slot Features

With that 'Megapays' in the title, a significant segment of the gambling community will be settling into the hot seat in hopes of living up to the game's name. While waiting around for the Megapays feature to trigger, players get reaction wins, free spins with a progressive win multiplier and the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble.

Reactions are the Robin to Megaways' Batman and trigger after every regular ways win. The successful symbols are removed from the game grid and replaced by new or existing symbols falling into the empty spaces. The reaction feature continues to function, peeling off consecutive payouts until no new wins appear.

Get 3 Millionaire scatters to win 8 free spins and begin the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble. If more than 3 scatters trigger the feature, players start the Hot Seat Gamble from a higher position. To gamble, players select the 'A', 'B', 'C', or 'D' button and press 'Final Answer'. Successful gambles move you up a rung on the prize ladder, a failed pick drops you down a rung, and you can end up losing all free spins. Rung 2 and rung 7 are safety nets that guarantee 10 or 20 free spins via a free gamble.

Just like in the show, players get 3 lifelines to help them. You can 'Phone a Friend' to highlight the most probable correct answer, '50-50' removes two incorrect answers, or 'Ask the Audience' reveals the answer odds. Alternatively, if you're not keen on gambling those precious free spins, players can collect them by pressing the 'Walk Away' button.

Once into free spins, a win multiplier is added to the action. Starting at x1, the win multiplier increases by +1 without limit after every reaction. Scatters appear on the bonus reel during free spins only. Landing 3 or 4 of them awards +4 or +8 additional free spins.

Now for what big win chasers will be waiting for, the 4 jackpots that constitute the Megapays feature. Megapays randomly triggers on any paid spin, shifting away from the game show to a sunny Las Vegas type scene. One pay symbol flashes up on screen (from 9-A) to be the Megapays symbol. Then, a 6x7 sized reel set spins and whenever the chosen symbol hits, it is collected. When no new Megapays symbols land, the bonus game ends, and the number of collected symbols equates to a jackpot as long as at least 4 have been gathered.

  • Collecting 4-7 Megapays symbols awards the Mini jackpot (€100 seed value)
  • Collecting 8-11 Megapays symbols awards the Midi jackpot (€1,500 seed value)
  • Collecting 12-14 Megapays symbols awards the Major jackpot (€20,000 seed value)
  • Collecting 15+ Megapays symbols awards the Mega jackpot (€300,000 seed value)

Keep in mind during the Megapays feature, matching symbols on the grid do not pay, nor is the reaction mechanic active. It's all about landing as many Megapays symbols as possible.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays: Slot Verdict

There was talk that the original Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game might have been designed as a jackpot slot, which for whatever reason wasn't meant to be. Any disappointed players had to wait three years for the dream to come true, but now get the dual nail-biting action of the infamous hot seat coupled with Megapays in one slot. Due to the bolt-on nature of Megapays, the core gaming of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays hasn't changed in any noticeable way.

Like the previous Who Wants To Be A Millionaire slot, the Hot Seat Free Spins Gamble is as much of a crapshoot as always. Getting the first answer wrong means you instantly lose the 8 awarded free spins, which really isn't much fun. At the other end of the spectrum, 50 spins are a lot and will not be easy to achieve, especially when the so-called lifelines seem to work as much against you as with you. It is tempting to see how far you can push it through since potential of up to 72,310 times the stake is possible during free spins – compared to a healthy 14,600x in the base game. On the other hand, you cannot trigger Megapays from free spins, which is the main reason a lot of people will be lining up to play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays.

There's still a long way to go to compete with the likes of, say Mega Moolah, where the Mega Jackpot seeds at £1,000,0000. However, Big Time Gaming has come out swinging in an attempt to take on the jackpot segment of the market with the benefit of significantly higher RTP and far more entertaining gameplay. After arguably the most influential Megaways game of all time getting the upgrade (Bonanza Megapays) to one of the biggest game shows on telly, the studio is loading up their big guns to pull in the jackpot crowd.


The extra incentive of four progressive jackpots in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Megapays undoubtedly makes the hot seat hotter.

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