Wild Storm Legionnaire

(Boomerang) Slot Review

Wild Storm Legionnaire slot
Wild Storm Legionnaire slot – base game

Wild Storm Legionnaire: Slot Overview

Self-service checkouts, self-service restaurant ordering, self-service petrol stations, one thing differentiating the now from the past is a reduction of personal interaction, which seems to lessen as time goes by. The same can be said for warfare, or aspects of warfare, at least. Where nowadays, it is possible for a dude in a darkened room operating a drone by joystick to wipe out whole platoons thousands of kilometres away; in the past, you really had to get up close and personal with the enemy to plunge swords or spears into them. Face-to-face battles might make for heroic storytelling, but they must have been horrible to take part in (not that modern warfare isn’t). With the help of a furtive imagination, players can pretend they’re engaging in hand-to-hand combat of the past via software provider and Yggdrasil partner Boomerang‘s online slot Wild Storm Legionnaire.

Wild Storm Legionnaire’s kill box is a moody, jagged ravine that would make an ideal location for poets to construct epic poems about epic battles in. The game info mentions a mix of Roman and Spartan army ideas, which is a little confusing, but whatever, if you’re cool with everything else Wild Storm Legionnaire does, the mash-up of armies is probably the least of your worries.

A medium-high volatile slot, Wild Storm Legionnaire has a default RTP of 96%, with two lower return levels floating around, as well. It is played on a 5-reel gaming grid, where the reels have 3-4-3-4-3 symbols on them. Using a ways pay system means this non-flush panel has 432 ways to win, while the bet levels are 25 c to $/€125 per paid game round.

Four flags make up Wild Storm Legionnaire’s low-pay symbols, followed by a stone tablet, a ring, a helmet, a ship, and a warrior. Landing a 5 OAK winning combination of these symbols pays 1.2 to 10 times the bet. The lady legionnaire displayed on the wild looks like a Gucci model or something, and wilds are present on reels 2 and 4. Wilds substitute for any symbol except Coins or Collects. Having 1 wild in a winning combination multiplies the win by 1, having 2 wilds in a winning combination multiplies the win by 4.

Wild Storm Legionnaire: Slot Features

Wild Storm Legionnaire slot
Wild Storm Legionnaire slot – respin bonus

Wild Storm Legionnaire’s two bonus features are its free spins round and a Hold & Respin feature.

Free Spins

Players win 8 free spins when 3 or more scatters appear. Scatters are present on all reels, and as well as triggering free spins, they pay 1x, 5x, or 10x the bet when 3, 4, or 5 of them hit. During free spins, a Collect symbol is locked in the middle position of the third reel. Also, a wild reel may appear to cover all of reel 2 and/or reel 4. Free spins cannot be retriggered.

Hold & Respin Feature

Landing at least 1 Collect symbol with at least 2 Coin symbols triggers the Hold & Respin feature. Players are initially awarded 3 respins. During the feature, only Coins and Collect symbols are available. Each Coin prize (the values are 0.4 to 25 times the bet) is collected by each Collect symbol. Coin symbols are held when they hit, all other positions respin, though whenever a Coin or Collect symbol hits, the respin count resets to 3. Coin prizes are only paid when a Collect symbol appears. If all positions are filled with Coin symbols, according to the demo’s paytable, a prize of 32.52x the bet is awarded, and the feature ends.

Wild Storm Legionnaire slot
Wild Storm Legionnaire slot – free spins

Wild Storm Legionnaire: Slot Verdict

First of all, just have to say the prize paid for filling the screen with Coins during the Hold & Respin bonus provoked a lol moment. What the… 32.52x for packing the grid? Is this a joke, an error, or is it deadly serious? What an oddly specific, not to mention low number. It’s like a consolation prize’s consolation prize, or a participation medal, or a kick in the nads. However you’d like to view the payout, it’s a small, amusing value. You would assume filling the reels during Wild Storm Legionnaire’s Hold & Respins round occurs much more often than during a regular hold ‘n win feature in this case, but still… Why bother? Although, one thing to mention is that the info at partner Yggdrasil Gaming’s website actually puts the full grid prize at 888x, which makes more sense, so maybe the demo hadn’t been updated at the time of review?

Still, why take on Wild Storm Legionnaire, regardless? It has few other redeeming gaming attributes, certainly nothing to make demanding gamblers go out of their way to track the slot down. About the only point of interest was the unaligned reels. Other than that, nope, got nothin’. Wilds boost the payouts of wins they are part of, though this hardly constitutes a storm, free spins get a locked Collect symbol, okay, yep. After scoping the modest filling the reels prize, it is likely Wild Storm Legionnaire’s maximum winning potential isn’t going to be anything special. And so it is, where the max multiplier has been jotted down by the slot’s maker as 1,840 times the bet.

Then there’s the theme. Is it Roman legionnaire, is it Sparta, is it a hybrid, what exactly is it? War-like for sure, but like the rest of Wild Storm Legionnaire, the game throws something out there that misses just about every target it’s flung at.


Wild Storm Legionnaire completely misses each mark it sets its sights on.

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