Casino of the Year

We’ve already listed the best games of the year, but now it’s time to list the best online casinos!

As casino enthusiasts we follow the developments and discussions all around the internet, from the smallest forums to the fast growing casino streaming community. Because of this, we can tell you with great confidence which have been the most popular and the best online casinos during 2017.

1. Videoslots

Competition is fierce, and other casinos are creeping closer and closer to the throne currently held by Videoslots, a throne they have been sitting firmly on for many years now.

What has made Videoslot such a popular online casino is an outstanding trustworthiness, which is likely the very strongest in the business. You can play here without having to worry about being cheated or having to wager war to get your withdrawal to your bank account. Player safety is important to Videoslots, and they even offer the possibility to set a max bet limit amongst other safety measures.

Then we have the game selection which is a chapter in itself. Videoslots has always been the largest online casino when it comes to available slots, almost with no competition. During 2017 they more or less completed their catalogue by adding Novomatics to their extensive list of games and thus pretty much killing all competition. However, we’re are moving more and more towards a situation where most casinos will have pretty much all the relevant slot providers to offer, but for the time being, Videoslots still rules the planet in this aspect. One casino to rule them all in other words.

We could go on and on here about how great Videoslots is, and there honestly is not much bad to say about them. They haven’t even bothered opening a bunch of sister casinos in an attempt to cash in more money, instead they have focused on making their product better and better, something we respect a whole deal.

Videoslots is hands down one of the very finest online casinos in the industry.

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2. LeoVegas

This Swedish online casino is getting more successful every year and they seem to have done most things right. The site looks very inviting, is easy to navigate and the slot selection is superb! LeoVegas often have exclusive releases and recently they were the first to launch the new and highly anticipated slot White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming and were the only casino to host the game during a 2 week period.

There are many more good aspects about LeoVegas. Another thing is their bonus system, which is a so called non sticky bonus. This allows players to cashout directly when having a big win, even when having accepted a deposit bonus.

LeoVegas also run their games on their own platform which is another big plus. This means they rarely have to deal with laggy games and slots crashing, something that can be very frustration and commonly occurs on many other casinos.

It also has to be mentioned that LeoVegas is regarded as having the very best customer support in the business, something we can agree upon.

LeoVegas have also been working hard on becoming the ultimate mobile platform casino, something they have pretty much achieved by now!

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3. Rizk

Rizk is regarded by many as one of the very finest online casinos for many reasons, and we agree! It’s heavily promoted by many streamers within the casino streaming community and it is for a reason. Streamers know Rizk has a great reputation and they know that players are likely to remain loyal to a high quality brand such as this one. But what is it that makes Rizk great?

The obvious thing is the game selection. Rizk offers games from pretty much every provider there is. It’s still missing a few mind you, but they’ve included the most important such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, Merkur, Novomatic and so on and so on.

It also helps that the casino is very easy to navigate and it’s simplistic in it’s design, something we like. You also always feel like you’re getting something back when playing at Rizk since they have a good reward system. This means you’re frequently getting free spins, which are also wager free, and other goodies.

To Rizk player safety is of great importance, thus why they offer the possibility to lock withdrawals. I mean, how awesome is that!?

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4. Kaboo

Are you surprised? Don’t be! Kaboo was launched in 2015 and back then it was to no good for anyone. Games were lagging and crashing and the game selection wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t that great either.

But something happened along the way and while the bad aspects were taken care of, the things that were good about Kaboo, became even better. Today it can still have minor issues with it’s platform, causing some lag here and there, but it’s rarely a problem and it feels like a totally different casino today.

One of the very best things about Kaboo has been their no wager free spins and the option to be able to use them on Dead or Alive, something you don’t really see elsewhere. As you might know, having a wild line on Dead or Alive even on a minimum bet can pay serious money.

During 2017 a lot of great things happened at Kaboo. Not only did they expand their selection of slots which now also includes games from Big Time Gaming (Bonanza and Danger High Voltage), but they also introduced a new reward system called Relics. Check out what happened to one of the streamers when opening one of these Relics (you get one for free when signing up).

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5. Casilando

Choosing a casino for the 5th position was a bit hard since there are many good casinos to choose from. We finally settled on Casilando, which might seem like another unexpected choice. But placing Casilando here makes sense since they have done many things right. For starters they have managed to build a strong brand associated with trustworthiness, something that is an extremely important factor in our opinion.

But trustworthiness alone won’t get you to the top, you need to be able to offer something more and Casilando has “something more,” such as a website that is easy to navigate, a very good selection of slots, fast payouts and a 24/7 customer support. There are many other casinos offering this as well, but there is something about Casilando that makes it stand out a bit more. Try it yourself and tell us if we’re wrong in naming Casilando one of the best online casinos. We feel convinced we’re not.

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noice article brate gz, can you please stream ty…


Well done work BlackCatSeven, we need some of them in Denmark. I really want to try the famous Reel of Rizk 🙂
If I may? How about add some fixed evaluations on every casino. A. How is the cashout system, fast slow? B. Is the rules of the bonus fair and straight forward, or does they have something with a strange attachment? C. Contact options, that be livechat, can you phone and so on. It is just a suggestion.
Where are your streams? Maybe BlackCatSevens wife can lent you some money so you can get back n business 😉 Merry Christmas