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Why is casino streaming a thing? Where is casino streaming going? How do you even stream? We’ll walk you through all the questions.

Casino streaming has more or less been around since streaming became a thing. Poker was, and still is, the type of gambling that’s been generating most interest, but slot streaming is on the rise.

Poker and slots are two very different types of gambling of course, with Poker being more of a sport where players have to depend on much more than just pure luck. Slots on the other hand is something anyone can jump into straight away. It doesn’t demand much brain activity if we’re going to be totally honest. You basically just throw money at the machine and hope for the best.

At the time of writing, the poker section on Twitch has around 400,000 followers, while the casino section (mainly slot streams) has just over 100,000 followers. But while the poker section has more followers, it doesn’t have that many more active viewers and the casino slot section is slowly catching up.

As we’ve talked about before, CasinoTwitcher was likely the one who made casino streaming a thing, and is considered by many within the community to be a bit of a legend. He has since stopped streaming, disillusioned with the commercialization of casino streaming and with no plans of a comeback.

casino streaming twitch
Channels live on Twitch

Casino Streaming Today

Much has changed of course since the emergence of slot streaming and CasinoTwitcher does have a point in regard to his comment about the commercialization of the casino section. More and more casinos want to be seen on Twitch and Youtube as they’re starting to understand the impact of casino streaming and its potential to build brand awareness.

But the biggest “intrusion” (as some purists regard it) was the recent acquisition of the streaming network Casinogrounds which is now owned in majority by LeoVegas. While most don’t seem too bothered with the politics of casino streaming, other’s worry about casinos starting to have too much influence on individual streamers and thus bringing harm to the community and the credibility of certain streamers.

One has to remember however that the casino industry is big business and if a new market is identified the big players are going to want to dominate it. Today there are new streamers appearing at a faster pace, some doing it for fun and other’s more business orientated affiliates. A handfull of streamers have now established themselves at the top of the hierarchy, dominating much of the section, leaving the rest of the lot fighting for the leftovers.

What many of the top ranking streamers have in common is generally a higher then average bet size, though some do try to keep it at somewhat sane levels. While a big bank roll and big bets is a good start it seems, it will not get you all the way. It’s hard to say in detail what makes a great streamer. Obviously it doesn’t necessarily take a great entertainer to rank high as we’ve seen quite a few tired streamers do well. The only way to know is to try yourself and see if you “got it”.

A simple streaming template setup

How To Stream Casino

To stream slots is not all that hard, but to become a successful streamer is harder of course. With time the slot section is also becoming increasingly competative as more streamers are fighting for your attention. Most people that stumble into the casino streaming section will naturally browse through the streamers listed first, in other words those with most viewers. That’s just human nature. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to grow as a new streamer however. If you have what it takes, if you are a true gambler at heart, and with a bit of luck, it’s even possible to sky rocket yourself up in a relatively short time. Some casino streamers will also drop in viewer count for various reason which leaves room for others.

In most cases though it will take hard work, persistance and dedication without any guarantee of success. It must be pointed out that it has to be fun, otherwise you won’t last. Before you get anywhere at all you will have to suffer through many streams with few to no viewers, a dead chat and streaks of bad luck to top it off.

Tips & Pointers

  • It’s a good idea to stream both to Twitch and Youtube to maximize your audience. Youtube is also a great place to upload your big wins with the chance of it becoming viral or getting included into big win compilations.
  • A streaming schedule is adviced and something most successful streamers use.
  • Negotiate streaming deals with online casinos. It is essential if you want to last, unless you are a millionare. Streaming bonuses helps make the sessions last longer which in turn extends the opportunity to promote yourself and your casino. The more money you generate through affiliation, the more you have to reinvest into your stream and your bankroll.
  • Avoid the temptation of cheating! Fake money streaming used to be a thing and is still a problem within the slot section. Thankfully casinos are more aware today and good casinos don’t want to be associated with cheating. Streamers who once been suspected of using fake money or view botting are still to this day shunned by a large portion of streamers and viewers in the community. Examples of casinos that are considered 100% genuine are Casumo, Thrills, Kaboo, Guts, Rizk and Videoslots.
  • While the best streaming offers may come from the bigger and more established online casinos, it may be a good idea to go with a smaller casino that is not over exposed on Twitch and Youtube. Getting signups to popular casinos is hard as it is and even harder when trying to compete with bigger streamers that have already vacuumed the community of potential customers.

There is no need to over complicate things. You don’t need fancy setups or green screens. If you watch the most popular streamers it’s just your average joe having fun spinning slots.

What You Need To Get Started

  • First of all you need an account on Twitch. It may also be a good idea to create a channel on Youtube.
  • To be able to stream you need a program called Open Broadcaster Software. If you’re not a technical guy it can be a bit confusing initially. If you need help, reach out on our forum and we’ll help you with your questions!
  • To be able to stream to both Twitch and Youtube at the same time you need a service called Restream. It is free of charge and you login using your Twitch account.
  • Streaming requires a fairly strong computer (cpu) and internet upload speed. You can always lower your video frame settings in OBS Player, but it’s adviced to have at least 5 Mbit/s upload if you want to be able to stream in 720p.
  • It’s possible to stream without using a camera, some do it quite successfully. But if you have ambitions to battle in the top league you will have to show your face. A simple webcam such as the Logitech C270 will do.
  • You can use a headset to stream your voice but a dedicated usb microphone is a good investment. Blue Yeti is a popular choice.
blue yeti
Blue Yeti Microphone used for streaming

Casino Streaming In The Future

As long as online gambling is still legal and affiliation allows players to make earnings casino streaming will always be around. There are some worries about Twitch and Youtube closing down casino streaming as both of these media giants are American based companies, a country that doesn’t allow online gambling in all but 3 states. Casino streaming has been closed down previously on Twitch for unknown reasons, but likely related to problems with streamers using view botting and restreaming other peoples content. As long as Twitch and Youtube are the main platforms for streamers there will always be a certain degree of uncertainty.

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