The Official Online Slots Review Policy

Unlike other sites, we do not accept commission or payments from game developers, something that enables us to write 100% unbiased slot reviews. We have no obligations whatsoever towards the game developers and we intend to keep it that way. This approach does not deter reputable studios from wanting to be featured on the site, however. On the contrary, all the top game developers take great interest in and are more than pleased to be featured on the site much thanks to our high credibility and to attract attention to their work. Some providers have even expressed gratitude for our input which has helped them in their continous effort of improving the games. Low quality game developers, however, will be happy to fly under the radar, ripping off their customers without having to deal with any negative publicity.

One of the requirements we have for reviewing games is to be allowed access to try them out before going live, simply because we want our readers to know what they are up against before they risk their money. Most will gladly offer us this opportunity and some will even allow us exclusive access. If you don’t see us reviewing games from certain providers, it can be the result of several reasons, although usually, it’s because the quality of the games is too low to even be featured. If providers deny us access to their games we might also cease to cover them on our site, something that can be a warning sign in itself. Bad providers will pay site owners to write good things about them and avoid sites such as ours.

As a reader, you can expect all our reviews to be honest and unbiased. While our reviews are mainly fact-based, all of them are concluded with a summary and personal reflection. However, the final score is not written in stone and may be subject to change once a game goes live. How a game appears to perform once live (lack of big wins or nowhere close to the stated potential?) and what the players around the web (forums) has to same about it is also factors that are taken into account.

Ultimately, any slot can pay and players who have good runs on particular slots are more prone to hold them in high regard, no matter how bad the rest of us think they are. We encourage our readers to talk to us in the comments section, to voice your opinion and to correct us if need be.

What we review

We understand that not every player is the same. Some like to try new games while others stick to old proven favourites. There are recreational players who don’t worry too much about variance and only wish to be entertained, as well as hardcore gamblers who are into high variance and high risk. Because of this, we need to keep an open mind and see the big picture when we review slots.

The following are some of the key factors we take a close look at when we test new slots:

  • Balancing – Does the game give you play time or ferociously take your cash before you even understand what has happened. High variance games often tend to be like in the latter scenario, and balancing them is truly an art. Some games, however, are just horrible and are usually referred to as “balance eaters”.
  • Playability – How well produced is the game in question? Does it run smoothly without lag or does it have annoying delay between spins? These are factors that can have substantial impact on the overall experience.
  • Variance – Is it a low, medium or high variance game? When established, we evaluate it accordingly. For example, we’ve seen more than one case where games have been designed to play like high variance slots but pay like low variance. Not cool!
  • Bonus frequency & RTP – How long do we have to wait in between free spin features? Some providers are known to have much lower bonus frequencies than others. RTP is also a crucial factor that we look at. As a general rule, any RTP below 96% is considered low when it comes to online slots.
  • Originality – A slot doesn’t have to be original in terms of gameplay and features to be good. There are plenty of examples where providers who have cloned popular games from other providers and made them even better. What we don’t like, however, are providers who repeatedly clone and re-skin their own back catalogue.
  • Potential – We’ve seen a tendency towards a demand for increased potential and variance and the massive success of slots such as Bonanza and Dead or Alive is an example of that. Unfortunately, there are still providers out there that think a 400 times the stake max win is acceptable. It’s not.

Scoring system uses a 100-point scoring system which is expressed as a percentage. The examples here are meant to clarify and describe what those scores most often mean to us. Scores are a helpful summation to the reviewer’s opinion, but it’s worth to accentuate that they’re not the review itself. A final score may be subject to change after a game has been released as the live performance of the slot can end up giving us a better understanding of it.

00%-09%: Broken or offensively bad, possibly even rigged. Horrible value. A clear indication to stay far away.

10%-19%: In best case scenario, and if in a good mood, we might find one nice thing to say about it, but still far from being worth your time or money.

20%-29%: A slot that has fallen short of its goals with very few qualities. Don’t waste your time.

30%-39%: An entirely awkward or derivative effort. There is little to no reason to play this slot with so many other good slots to choose from out there.

40%-49%: Disappointing or flawed.

50%-59%: A slot of mediocre qualities. Other slots likely do it better, or its unique features aren’t executed as well as one would expect.

60%-69%: There’s something to it that there is to like, but can still only be recommended with major caveats.

70%-79%: We like it. An overall good online slot definitely worth playing.

80%-89%: A well-executed slot with superb features, great potential and compelling visuals.

90%-94%: A fascinating recommendation for most slot players. A paradigm for what online slots is all about and likely ahead of its time.

95%-98%: Extremely brilliant. This is far and away one of the best slots we’ve ever played and recommended to everyone who’s into gambling.

99%-100%: A game that has simply been unheard of and that could possibly be an industry game changer.